Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class IX

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"Alright, sounds like a plan."
I say, following behind Cayl.
"Oh ..." I don't know what to say to that as we come to the exit of the Academy and a guard lets us outside.
"Don't know how he'll feel about seeing us though. Your friend Stefan just reported he isn't in a good mood."
IC: "Its ok" Sam says as he quickly checks out Tari's gear.
That stops me for a moment and I keep walking;
"Um... if Stef felt it was necessary to report that, he must be in a really bad mood..."
I say somewhat nervously.
I'm only wearing jeans, a T-shirt and combat boots with my sword and C-20A on my back. I smirk at Sam as I begin to walk across the dunes.
- Alicia

"Don't worry, it's nothing to really worry about. Security here compared to the old Academy is a hundred times better." He keeps walking, playing with a small ball of blue flame. I arrive at my room and go in, running through the motions as I always do when going in. Closing it, I get out a fresh crystal, black in color, and begin carving a rose.
I nod, humming a small tune as we approach the dorms.
IC: "You caught me" Sam jokes as he puts his hands up.
I'd been working on the rose for about five minutes when a knock sounds at the door. Deactivating the traps and unlocking the doors, I call out, "It's open." Cayl opens the door, followed by Alicia.

"I hear you have something on your mind."
"Ah.. yeah. I wanted to get Tari some psychic crystal for her birthday tomorrow... Cayl said you might be able to help."
I say, my eyes darting over the various traps Terance had set up.
"Well you like what you see?" I ask before jumping down the dune I was on.
IC: Sam jumps down and lands next to her. "Why yes Ma'am I do" He says with a grin
I sigh. "Nothing against you, Cayl, but if anyone would understand," I beckon to Alicia, "it would be her. As for the crystal, I've got a few in there. Any crystal will work really, just pick on you think would work." Cayl looks at Alicia, then back at me, then at Alicia.

"If that's the case, I'll let you be. I doubt you'll attack Alicia." He turns and walks out of the room and I return to work on the rose, taking time to make it better than the others, each petal taking an excruciating amount of time to make, so I was still on the first one.
I look over Terance's work with a breathless wonder;
"Wow... I've seen some gorgeous wood and metal work before, but nothing that compares to this... So, what's this problem of yours?"
I ask, looking over one of the pieces with the utmost care.

I'm off, probably for the night...
"The reason I said you'd understand best is because you're a girl, so maybe you can help me understand Cynthia's reasoning."
I smirk at Sam. "Then how about you prove that you are worthy?" I draw two Kunai style throwing knives and put my sword and rifle down to the side before going into a combat stance.
IC: Sam pulls out his two knives and goes into his battle stance. "So any rules other then don't kill each other" He say
"Try not to injure each other much." I say before sweeping my leg at Sam's legs.

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