Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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IC: "Dante is taking a long time to respond, I'm just going to go semi-formal" Sam says as he dresses in a pair of black pants, teal dress shirt and black polished dress shoes. "I'm just gonna brush my teeth real fast I willn't peek...much" He mutters the Much to himself
IC: {{semi-formal.}} i radio back as i got dressed. the fresh bundle of flowers i had picked from the forest ecosystem waited on the desk. I had dressed myself in dress pants, a dress shirt, and suit jacket.
IC: After brush his teeth and takes a quick peek at Tari while she showers before leaving and radioing back to Dante {{Thanks man, See you at the party}}
IC: {{ya. i need to go pick up someone first. see ya there}} i say before picking up the flowers and heading out to Cynthia's dorm
The water shuts off and I dry myself off. I reenter the main area of the dorm a towel wrapped around my torso barely hiding everything and flick a small psi-blast at Sam for peeking. "I saw that." I grab a slightly more formal ruby and emerald colored dress before going back into the bathroom to finish getting ready.
IC: "Still worth it." Sam says to Tari as he finish dressing. "I wonder what Dante has planned for the party. I bet he out did himself."
OOC: well my char can't do much right now since i don't think CR is on so :/.
OOC: Could explain what you did for the party like decor and all that jazz.
"Maybe I'll let you get a better look tonight." I say as I come back out fully dress and smiling mischievously. "For now though lets go enjoy the party shall we?" I walk over and kiss Sam.

OOC: you can still have Dante get ready and go to the party ... and CR's net is out and he doesn't know when he will get it back.
OOC: How do you know that? On another thought nevermind

IC: Sam kisses her back before offering his arm. (southern gentalmen style)

IC: I take Sam's arm smiling before we head off for the dance hall.
Steel, you keeping up with Darkest Heart?

Since, Zarkun isn't on, I'm pushing ahead here...

Finishing up in the shower, I step out and start to dry off.
Korzis remembers that there was a party soon and groans. He didn't like events like that very much, but he still would likely have to go. He stands up and stretches quickly. He reaches his arm out and opens up a closet. He looks in and sees only combat suits, and then, in a little corner sat a neatly folded suit. Something he had almost burned to ashes a multitude of times. He quickly changes and goes to the door and reaches towards the console, but stopped. He felt as he had forgotten something. He looked upon himself. There was no stains on the suit. Everything fit. It was perfectly fine what he was wearing. Then he browses the room and his eyes hit his sword. Something that he would need. It was not something considered social right to bring a sword to a party, but he always felt the need to have the longsword.
War he is on but he is on Cortex :P
!@#$. Well tell him to hop over if he has a spare moment...
OOC: No I wasn't keeping up on dh.

IC: Sam kisses Tari on the cheek as they walk down the hallway. "I forgot to get your presents... Mind if we opened them after the party?" He asks
"Its fine." I lean my head against Sam's shoulder.

OOC: I'm in the cortex with him so sure ...
OOC: awwws I would have joined up on a cortex play.. tis hard to find good players
sorry you weren't online at the time and you don't have a DA account ...
OOC: will make one tomorrow.... maybe..

IC: Sam leans his head ontop of Tari's head before entering the dance hall

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