Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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IC: "its up to you. The surgical process should be safe enough since the academy is pretty high tech. don't worry i'll be with you the whole time"
I nod my head, "Yeah... You are right..." I pause for a moment. "Do you want to push or carry?" I ask.
IC: "which do you prefer?" i ask grinning
IC: "Ouch that hurt" Sam says playfully "And I did say you were the pretty thing down here darling"

OOC: Just got HOTS playing the Bleep out of it thats why its taking me so long to reply.
"I don't know... Why don't you choose my 'Knight in Shining Armor?'" I say.


The effects were taking place in a violent fashion, the mans skin showing green lines through out as it looked like pure venom. His teeth were clutched together as the liquid inside of him began to destroy the Zerg and Protoss cells roaming in the body. Blood seeping from his eyes as he was finally turning pale... Cold to the touch as the woman placed her hand on his chest, feeling his rapid heartbeat accelerate. Her face close to his as she planted a kiss on his forehead that truly meant, "I'm sorry." The solider died. His cells destroyed each other.

"Okay, I come to the conclusion that this will kill any hybrid... Bring me a Terran test subject next so we can see if he or she dies... If they don't... Good... If they do... Bad."
IC: "oh now you're just insisting i carry you" i say before heaving her out of her wheelchair in true "Knight in Shining Armor" fashion.
I gave a little scream from the sudden heave. "Warn me next time!" I was almost laughing. "And I didn't tell you to carry me, I'm just letting you choose."
IC: "well i've chosen" i say laughing before starting to walk for the medbay. "now we just need a sunset and cliche music playing"
Zaros rose, his black cloak covering his entire body. The teal light of his oculars the only thing seen within the dark cowl. He steps out of the quarters, his figure now menacing. He checks his guns magazine and places it on his back. Not long after his form appears at the hangar. "Keira, get me the ship that is the fastest and most easily concealed." He demands of the head mechanic.

"Hell no. You are not ruining my ship like you ruined yours. And Shade wouldn't want you using the Chaurus." The head mechanic replies. She was in a red Firebat suit with black lines along it and two shoulder mounted grenade launcher. The helmet piece separates and her pale face appears.

"Fine. Give me Viking."

"There's something impossible to crash." Keira replies. Little robotic arms come from the gauntlets of her suit and type into a terminal. In front of her a platform rises and a Viking in its assault mode stands facing the hangar doors.

"B!tch." Zaros mutters as he passes by her.

He hears the cannons on her shoulder turn towards him. "@sshole." She says in retort.

Zaros shakes his head and jumps into the Viking. "You know I could kill you right now, right?"

"Still would give you a pretty bad beating first." The engineer replies.

Zaros turns on the Viking and it roars to life. He was about to transform it when Keira shook her head. He sighs and walks out the hangar doors first and then transforms it. Soon the Wraith blasts off.
Steel its fine. I'm doing that also :P

IC: I laugh for a moment before I detach myself from Sam and sit up. "I think we should go back into the main part of the Academy. And I was just messing with you I knew what you meant." I smile mischievously.
I just stare down Dante, punching his shoulder. "No cliche music, that breaks the mood."


The table was cleaned off and medical serum was in a tube like thing. It would apply it as they are going to slit my lower back open and work from there. Medical personal getting ready.


The woman smiled as no one did as she told them of. "I really do appreciate everything you guys do..," she says, grabbing another syringe filled with the same vile liquid, "I really do!" Reaching her arm around a male scientist to her right. "And I'm ever so gladly that I have volunteers!" The man was startled as she plunged the needled into his heart, the liquid going down fast. He hit the floor screaming in pain as the same results occurred. Only this time... Less messy. "Looks like I was right... Bad! But it seems to be less messy on Terran's... Next time you do as I'm told or you are volunteering like this man. If anything just go to the local homeless shelter and tell them that you promise them a place to stay."

Several scientists nod their head quickly as they got back to work.
IC: "fine fine no music" i say smiling as we approach the medbay. "i just hope none of your parents are in there"
I gave a frown when he mentioned "parents". "And why would that be a bad thing? Mother might be in there because I'm her daughter." The doors opened up revealing Shade on the side and the Medical personal ushering us in. That was when Shade looked at the two of us funny.

"I see she couldn't bring herself? Not like it matters... Because she might want someone to hit when she's screaming in pain from the nerves coming back... We do it like that so we know she can actually feel it." Shade says, with her voice sounding as if you couldn't tell if she was serious or joking.
I simply hold her as we return to the Academy, letting her do what ever she needed to to calm herself. "That's still not what I meant...You going to be alright?"

I nod jerkily;
"Yeah... I.. I've had nightmares about that plenty of times... just not recently..."
My voice rough.
IC: "well my nerves are dead anyways. as you can see i ain't in the best condition" i say before lowering her onto the surgical table
IC: "well then we will have to come down here again once day" Sam says with a grin as he pulls Tari closer and kisses her.
I was on my stomach as they began the first cut. My eyes wincing at the dull pain that there was. The tube slowly applying the gel like stuff on the spine and near the nerve endings. "...It is starting to hurt..."

Shade then brings up a chair and says, "Sit..." too Dante. "She also seems a tad unfocused... Do you know if anything happened before this moment today? Her hands seem all jittery which isn't normal."
IC: "she accidentally gulped down half a canister of terrazine. Before you called her down i had to lock her in her room with me guarding the door. How she inhaled it...... long story" i explain
I kiss back for a moment before pulling back my arms wrapped around Sam's neck. "Yeah we will. Now how about we go see what the others are up to?"
IC: "Sounds good I'll follow you back up and today I am your serveant" Sam says with a playful voice

OOC: Takes like 5 hours to tab out of sc2

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