Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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I look around the dance hall noting none of the other students were there yet. "I guess we are a bit early."
IC: Sam looks around too and sighs. "Yup.. now what do we do"
"Wait." I say before heading over to a table.
IC: Sam follows Tari as they sit at a table. "Well this is eventful.. we could have slept longer" He jokes

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"Yeah we could have." I start playing with a small psi-blast to pass the time.

IC: Sam gets annoyed at the fact that no one else was there. "F^ck it I'll be back in a bit" He says as he heads to get her gifts
I shake my head and chuckle as Sam leaves before returning to playing with the ball of psionic energy.
IC: As sam enters his old room he looks at the paper package... "I don't remeber ordering that. I'll just put it in my new room." He mutters as he grabs the three ammo boxes and bring them back to Tari
I take a moment to think before snapping my fingers. "Should have something for both of us in the closet. Got Viola started on it soon as I knew about the party and us. She loves doing it."
The bot glances at male twin, then glances at the female twin.
"Greetings, O.H.I. 2." It says, its voice close to that of a female's voice. It didn't bow or anything, merely waiting for words to reply to.

The boy looks at the robot. "Well, looks like you're one of the things that my sister called for. I prefer Protoss and there machines to do my bidding, but you will do."

Zaros enters the primary building and walks through, his mind already detecting everything within. Then he found the officials in a room not far from him. He moved with haste to this room.
Drying off, I nod;
"Depends on what I get... I've got some stuff that goes over my jumpsuit quite nicely."
I shake my head. "Oh no, no jump suit for either of us tonight." Stepping out behind her, I dry off and go over to the armor closet, hitting a button. It closes and a spinning sound can be heard as the inside changes. When I open it, a beautiful red dress with short skirt length and medium neckline is visible with a matching pair of heels underneath it. Next to the dress is a red tuxedo, dress shoes underneath. Noticeable in the dress is a holster that hides under the skirt. "What do you think?"
I frown;
"A kimono I'll wear... But I'm not that big on standard dresses..."
"I figured you wouldn't be, but just wear it. Please? Otherwise we'll get an ear full from Viola every time we come in here." I pull her close and kiss her, a wicked glint in my eyes. "Besides, is it a horrible thing we give each other a little eye candy?"
"Alright, alright, I give."
I say with a sigh and put the dress on;
"So... just how bad is it?..."
I ask, doing a small twirl.
I can only stare, my mouth agape, at the stunningly beautiful woman in front of me. "You look so good I may not be able to keep the clothes on you." I grin wickedly, then get my own clothes on, facing her. "And how do I look?"
"Blame my good looks."
I say sarcastically with a lazy grin;
"And you are too handsome for your own good, punk."
I say, giving him a hug.

Humming, I head down to the dance hall, spotting Sam and Tari;, there is a party after all...
I think to myself as I go looking around the place.
I smile, returning the hug. "While I'm sure we're probably overdressed, I like it. So, you ready?" I kiss down her neck one more time before offering my arm.
"A bit of flare is always fun, lets go."
I say with a laugh, excepting his arm.

Moving through the Dance hall, I spot what I was looking for; we go, let's just hope this thing works...
I think, inspecting the electronic piano in the corner.
I lower the ramp and lead her down, watching it raise so that nothing could sneak aboard. Nodding to Jen, I lead us off to the Dance hall. "Wonder what Stefan will think."

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