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IC: "its for Tari's birthday party" i say regaining some composture
"What is a birthday party???" I say, clearly looking confused.
"its when you celebrate the day you were born" i reply. "you should come, its a lot of fun"
I gave a chuckle. "You are so nervous... And don't think you are getting under the skirt." I give Dante a look. "After all we should take time getting to know each other... Unlike Terance and Alicia. They seem to rush it already at times." Looking at Destron. "Party..."

Can we please just skip to everyone that was planning to be at the party, being at the party please ...
EDIT: darkra Mecha SHUT UP AND GO TO THE PARTY!!!! CR says so ....
"I shall come, wait, after searching "birthday party" in my CPU, it is said people usually bring a gift of some sort, should I go and make a gift???" I say
IC: "duuuh. course not course not. So..... lets go"
"POOF! Everyone except for the new arrival and Zaros is now at the dance hall."

Sahlk lies in a corner with biomass forming the rest of the need area to make a dome around him and he regains he rests within to regain some energy. He disliked the social events of Terrans anyways.
I nod, already running through the list of songs I know. "Suppose you're right. Might take a break myself before playing."

I give Terance a kiss as we reach the dance hall;
"Sounds like Stef found himself a set of keys..."
I murmur, hearing the sound of music...

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I look up at Stefan. "Not really though I guess just something that is well festive and upbeat."

I say, starting to play again. This time something a little faster and more upbeat, the melancholy feel slowly fading away.
Jen: As I was walking to the med-bay I remember, their was a party for Tari!!!!!!! I start mentally yelling cuss words at myself for having no gift when an idea forms in my head....
I nod, leading her towards the dance floor. "Let's see if he can play something that's good for dancing."
I chuckle;
"Sure thing... Stef! Let's get something danceable!"
I call out across the room;

"What kind of dance?"
He calls back, still playing.

I look between Terance and Tari;
"Ah... Tari, your party your call."
"I don't really care what the dance is ... something slow perhaps?"
OCC: I WAS waiting on Lekrog, but it seems ya'll are impatient and want to get everything going. Sheesh.

I walk around with the doll hanging at my side. I didn't realize that I had dressed it up myself in a small dress and made its hair a bit more shiny. I had my helmet off, under the assumption that they had fixed the lights to work with my skin.

I lean on the wall in a dress, sighing to myself. I remember the last party I went to.....and I shudder, remembering what happened at it. I don't grab any alcohol, instead getting some water.
A ship had fire spitting from it's side as it came through the atmosphere... The northern hemisphere. Transforming as it skids across the sand. It was an interesting contraption it was. Inside was a Diethelm Stukov.

"Come on, Dante." I say, holding his hands as we walking into the party... Seeing everyone else.
Making a couple of adjustments to the settings, I test a few keys and start playing again, the sound of a classic piano waltzing through the room in perfect beauty.

"Shall we dance?"
I ask Terance with a grin, holding out my hand.
OOC: Finally caught up, yay!

IC: Remembering that Tarioshi Onaka's birthday was to be held soon, I fly over to the dance hall. I had searched for the term in the archives several days ago. I had something similar annually on the day I had been constructed, but much less pleasant than birthdays sounded.

Every year (measured in Aiur years) on the date of my activation, I was required to upload a record of everything I had seen and done since during the year, a long and tedious process. The Terran concept of a birthday seemed to be a good idea however, providing a way to keep track of the years going by as well as an annual celebration and giving of gifts.

I ponder the idea of giving Tarioshi a gift as some of the other students were doing as I pass my room. Nothing that I have or am capable of producing in a short period of time immediately strikes me as being a good gift for a Terran, but after a moment an idea comes to me. I quickly enter my room and retrieve the item, making a note to acquire another one when possible, before continuing into the dace hall.

edit: Paragraphs.
I nod and take her hand, beginning a four step waltz. "Dad tried to marry me off when I was sixteen. Got a lot of dancing lessons then."
I smile at the music for a moment before I stand up and, nearly dragging Sam with me, go over to the dance floor. "Come on lets dance."
I follow through, my steps a little rustier than his;
"After we escaped, Stef had me learn a bit of dancing... Being the stubborn girl I was, I didn't get much out of it..."
I say with a laugh, following Terance's lead.
IC: "it seems my ability to talk normally and confidence seemed to have left the minute i come pick you up but... would you like to dance?" i ask

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