Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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I chuckle, spinning her out and then back in. "Hey Stefan, shoot me a tango!"
Destron: I slither into the party, from what I had looked up on birthdays and realated subjects these Terrans were dancing. After looking up different dance styles I let Desthwing and Razortooth out. I proceed to do the "Gangnam Style" dance, Deathwing doing "The Chicken" and Razortooth doing "Disco".
"In a bit, Let's let people warm their feet up first!"
I call back.

"The sooner the better, as it's the one dance I actually paid much attention to!..."
I growl under my breath, enjoying myself.
I sigh and nod, continuing the waltz. "Of all the dances dad made me learn, that was my favorite. Well, next to break dancing, but that's not for here."
Sam and I fall into sync doing a four-step Walts like Terance and Alicia. I can't help but chuckle at Destron and his friends. "Destron those aren't really appropriate dances for the music."

"I'm already holding your hands silly... So you make the move, I'll follow and it'll escalate! Come on! Don't be shy like me... Make the move. Just no sneaky sneaky... I'm not that kind of gal." I say, teasing Dante.

A security bot runs up to Destron and shocks him in that !@# for breaking the party rules.
This like the only thread that went somewhere after the release of HoTS
I laugh;
"Or for these outfits, that's for sure."
*sigh* Unfortunately...

IC: I nod and do another spin, bringing her in and dipping her, kissing her before coming back up and continuing the waltz. "That was a six step. Pain in the @ss to get down too..."
IC: "uuuuhhhh" i stutter but as if in instinct i also do the four step waltz, more because i was still a stiff bastard.
Snatching a kiss back, I whisper in his ear with a wicked grin;
"Careful, we're in a public space here.. my self-control only goes so far..."
I hiss at the bot before replying "Randomly selected these Dances, sorry, I look at everyone dancing and say, do you require a partner to dance to this "music"???????"
I chuckle and nod. "I'll remember that." I keep dancing, watching the other couples. "I get the distinct feeling this could become a competition."
"Nothing wrong with that... I just hope there's some free form later..."
I reply, holding myself close to Terance.
"Free form eh?" I grin and nibble her ear. "Got plenty of time for that later. How about we focus on the form dancing?"
I shake my head at Destron. "Yes." I reply before Sam twirls me out and back in. I steal a quick kiss as we continue to dance.

I sigh as my hand reached around Dante's neck and brings his face closer to mine, with a fist ready to punch him in his balls. "Listen... You are the man, you want to impress me... But now it seems as if I have to do all of the work. Is that right?" I say gently, keeping the fist hidden between us as we going into a slow dance. "Now if you chicken out one more time, I'm going to hit you... Or better yet I'll just slap them instead, hits worse than punching from what I've been told."
I discreetly elbow Terance;
"Watch it, I meant what I said about control... Perv."
I whisper in his ear, both annoyed and amused.

o_O ... ow.
IC: "ok. no. more. chickening. out" i say before leaning in and kissing her deeply, with all the love i've wanted to give her since the day we met
I wince a little, but not noticeably and keep going. "It was just a joke. I'm not that crazy." I call out to Stefan again. "Now?"
I welcome the kiss as I gave a slight squeeze on the back of his neck, a light, caressing squeeze. Bring the hand I balled up into a fist, and around his neck with the other one. Both in sync as we slow danced with a deep kiss. Moving in slow motions as we twirled around slowly at times. Before I brought my hands down from his neck and down his back, tracing Dante's spine.

I rest my head against Sam's chest smiling and eyes closed just letting my body guide itself.
OOC: Sad part is I suck at dancing even rp dancing so Morph you have permission to keep rping sam.

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