Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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Jen: I enter the Dance hall embarresed at being so late, as I hear the music a cloud of sadness begins to hover over men and I lean against a wall.
IC: i wrapped my arms around her waste. pulling her closer, feeling a little shudder as Cynthia twirled her hands down my spine. i gave her a gentle squeeze of encouragement.
"That depends on the rest of you... anyone else care to tango?"
I ask over my music.

Steel, none of us are RPing the actual dancing, just the conversations between our chars.
I look up at Sam who nods. "Sure."

I couldn't hear Stefan, I was too busy with Dante. Almost as if my mind and my thoughts were drowning out all the noise but enhancing the feel of everything else. My fingers stopping right below the waist as I gave a good tug. Gripping as I gave a breath softly on Dante's chest.
"Here we go then."
I say, my music changing to something faster with a little more pomp.
I look at Alicia and grin, shifting my hands to the tango positions. "You ready?"
I grin back;
"Bring it on, punk."
I nod and begin the dance, dipping her at the right times and spinning her. "Now if only I had a rose."
Destron: "Do I dance like I was doing before????" I ask.
Sam and I transition into a graceful tango. I was smiling having a lot of fun and just plain enjoying myself. "No Destron this is music for a Tango."

My eyes rose in shock as the music picked up and became more fast beat. "Oh my god... I don't know how to tango! I don't even know the forms... We are so screwed... We are so pathetic it's not funny..." I look at the other s dancing to a tango. "I don't know if I can do that... It just seems to demanding and so.... I don't know the words for it."
IC: "that was.... exhilarating" i say to Cynthia and nodding in agreement, before something suddenly clicks. "dinner arrangements" i mumble before motioning to Stef to cut the music for now.
Jen: Deathwing and Razortooth start to try and tango together which is very funny considering how one had wings to use and the other had paws. I walk over to Destron and ask, "Want to dance, I don't really see anyone else and your all alone???" he looked a bit surprised and the said "Yes." and we started and although he had no idea at first he was a quick teach though it we definately had to improvise due to our unusual body structure.
I laugh;
"I'm sure we could arrange for that..."

Arching an eyebrow, I bring the music to a close with short flourish.
As he ends the song, I spin Alicia and go to one knee with Alicia dipped. "I'd say that was a fitting finish."
Sam pulls me in and kisses me as the music dies. I pull back with a smile and we go sit down for dinner.
(Given we want to wrap up the party by the end of this thread gonna time skip dinner ... Sorry darkra)
I sit at a table with presents on it and everyone else clustered around. I was blushing yet smiling a bit shy about being the center of attention.
IC: i grab a microphone. " ok its time for the birthday girl to give a speech and blow out the candles on her cake!"
Jen: We stopped dancing and I set down my present for Tari and watched Destron set down a present which was covered in a thin layer of Creep instead of wrapping paper.
IC: Sam helps to bring the presents to Tari. Between gifts and leans over to Tari and whispers. "You look so cute when your blushing like that darling"
I pop back up and give Terance a quick kiss;
"Indeed it was..."

Standing to the side, I look on with a grin, enjoying the moment through my empathics.
I had my gift in my pocket, intending to hand it to her personally. It was a carefully carved red crystal amulet. While not as powerful as a Khaydarin Crystal, it was still effective.

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