Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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OOC: Forgot about cake ... meh we will deal with that along with presents ...

IC: My smile gets a bit bigger at what Sam said and my face gets redder. Dante brings over the cake and I look at it a bit quizzically.

I didn't have a gift for Tari at all... I was kinda ashamed actually.
IC: "give her the flowers" i say to Cynthia
OOC: Darkra I think we are waiting on you to talk about the cake or something
I shake my head at Dante as he offered to give me the flowers to give to Tari. "No... You got them, you can give them to her. I can make it up to her somehow..... Maybe."

I turn to Cynthia. "You already gave me something ... Oh right ..." I don't finish the thought.
IC: i pass Tari the microphone. "make a speech. Short long whatever" i say
I was taken aback by Dante passing me the microphone. "Uh ... erm well ... I-I don't ... Thanks everyone ... for everything today." I pass back the microphone my checks a very deep cherry red.
I was slightly confused, not remembering when I was drunk at all. "Tari... What did I give you because I can't remember?"

"Some bottle with a label that said 'Number 9' nothing else. I haven't done anything with it."
IC: "if its something from Cynthia's room it can't be good" i mumble
My eyes were brought back in fear as my body froze with shock. My skin feeling cold and clammy. My voice shaky as well as my hands. "Tari... You have got to give me that back. I don't know how or when I gave it to you, but that was a mistake and it's not meant to get into anyone's." I say, worried. That's when I whisper into her ear. "It's a love potion that my aunt got for me as part of my present... The person that drinks it will go madly in love and will go insane with love. It's so strong you'll never be able to control it... I don't know the full details but that's all I know from what Umbra told me about."

I look at Cynthia shocked for a moment. "Yeah ... you can have that back ... I really DON'T want it!"
IC: Sam is also shocked for a moment before saying "Is there anything normal about this school?"
IC: "Sam, you should know. Even before when we weren't in the academy and were still dopped up on terrazine. We didn't sign up for normal"
I laugh and shake my head;
"Sam, this place doesn't have a normal.. Something I like about it."
I walk up to Tari and pull out the amulet, offering it to her carefully. "It's not Khaydarin, but it's effective."

OOC: I'd like to get to post my song soon...
I shook my head at Sam and gave a nod to Tari. "I am so sorry about that... I wasn't thinking clearly when I gave it to you and it's important that something bad doesn't happen.

OOC: By the way, I whispered this to Tari the first time and everyone apparently heard it...

"It's fine Cythina I expected you to want it back. I can get it to you in the morning." Terance offers me an amulet and I accept it. "Thank you Terance it's lovely." I turn back to the presents on the table and start opening them.

I gave a nod to Tari. "In the morning... That sounds good.... I don't know what I can give you though... I... I'm not very creative with arts and crafts nor do we have a shopping center here..." I say.

"Its OK Cynthia this ... all of this is more in an evening than I have ever done or gotten for my birthday so I don't mind." I say indicating this party and the presents before returning to unwrapping.

OOC: just for the sake of wrapping this up ... if your char got Tari something post what it is or in a few cases giving it to her ...
*glares at dah ninjae*
I nod and step back, leaning over to Alicia. "I'm heading to the guitar. Mind finding another partner for this, or can I convince you to take the other guitar?" I work my way towards it while I wait for her response, grabbing it and testing it.

Edit: That was to Alicia.
I snort;
"Trust me, I don't play. Stef can do just about anything on the keys though."
I nod and do a few test strums before starting into Johnny B. Good. I grin as I start it.



I just gave a nod as I turned around and snuck past Dante. Wanting to leave the party and get to my room in a hurry.
I extract a small glass orb about ten centimeters in diameter from the energy field in my center, holding it in the air with a forcefield shaped to be able to manipulate things. The sphere glows a faint, pulsating turquoise, and appears to be filled with some kind of viscous, clear liquid. A small midnight blue orb floats in the exact center of the larger sphere, patterned with thin glowing lines reminiscent of a microchip.

"Happy birthday, Tari," I say as I give her the item. "This is a miniaturized copy of the entire Protoss archive. Think of it as... an encyclopaedia of everything. Oh, and if you need to at any point, it is possible to erase everything on the device and use it as a storage device for immense amounts of data, up to four hundred and twenty five yottabytes."
Listening for a moment, I make a few adjustments and start playing along, the piano plunking along in perfect harmony.
IC: "i'm going to retire to my room. I might be alive but it doesn't mean i ain't sleepy" i say before getting up, "you guys have fun"

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