Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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I heard them talking but I couldn't speak as I gripped the table and clenched my teeth.

Shade gave a sigh. "Terrazine? That's dangerous if enough of it get into the blood stream... In her case it's her first time... You do know that this could present problems, right? The only people that can really handle it at times are the Spectre's... And she's no such thing. Even with the creature inside of her, some addictions are just stronger than others... At least it isn't Sun Drop. If it was that then everyone would be screwed."
I giggle a bit at Sam as I let go of him and stand up. "I told Cynthia I would have to talk to you about that blindly doing what people tell you to do but ... I think I'll wait till later." I hand the basket to Sam before heading off towards the lift.
IC: "don't worry i'm keeping it under tabs. But if i don't make it...... i'm leaving it up to you Shade" i say before grabbing Cynthia's hand, "just breath deeply" i tell Cynthia
"Yes... That's right... You are dieing... No wonder I've been seeing her reading a lot lately... Even a notebook with some old notes of various students including Abel.... That damn potion I drank that one day... And now here I am." Shade says, "don't worry about dieing... You'll make it. You are strong."

I almost want to yell at Dante for pointing out the obvious but I couldn't while gritting my teeth. Doing as was told as the rest of the gel was formed around the spine and inside of it. My hands slacking as they dropped. A surgical laser being used to seal up the cut. The medical officer then said, "I wouldn't walk for a little bit, just get used to your bearings and take your time. Take it slow."
IC: "Yea yea" Sam teases as he takes the basket and follows Tari. "By the way I got you a few gifts"
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I simply hold her as we return to the Academy, letting her do what ever she needed to to calm herself. "That's still not what I meant...You going to be alright?"

I nod jerkily;
"Yeah... I.. I've had nightmares about that plenty of times... just not recently..."
My voice rough.

I nod, resting my head on hers, rubbing her shoulders. "You gonna be alright?"

Cayl shakes his head. "I'm not using it, and I won't make the students either." He walks off, making the preparations.
"Thanks." As we walk I enjoyed just being there in the forest. I almost asked Sam what he had gotten me but decided not to as I enjoyed surprises sometimes. We come to the lift and get on. I lean my head on Sam's shoulder and hold his hand as my thoughts drift.
"Yeah, I'll be alright, it's just going to take a bit..."
I murmur, pushing against his hand like a cat asking for more, shudders still running up and down my body.
I keep stroking her hair, listening for the beep saying we had arrived back. Shouldn't be too much longer. {{Flint? We're on our way back. Can you tell Cynthia?}}
Taking a deep breath, I shiver one last time and just lay limp against Terance;
"Thank you..."
I nod, still stroking her hair and leaning against the wall behind me. "I'll always be there for you. I promise you that."
With a small chuckle I crack a smile;
"I'd almost pity anyone who hurt me... Between you and Stef, not much would be able to get away alive..."
I murmur, snuggling closer;
"...How soon are we going to be back?..."
"Shouldn't be too much longer. Everything's ready to transport immediately to the medbay when we touch down." I sigh in content as I hold her. "Either way, it's nice to be with you."
"Damn... I'm going to miss this bed..."
I grumble as I curl up in his arms, giving him a kiss;
"...Then again, your ships just going to be down in the hanger bay... no reason not to visit, eh?"
I say softly, a highly suggestive glint in my eyes.
IC: Sam holds Tari's hand while leaning his head ontop of hers.
Only slight snoring is heard over Flint's comm.
"Sam other than retiring to that farm ... do you have any plans for what you want to do after ... well this?" I ask referring to the Academy.
"Well, we don't actually have to sleep in our room, but it's a lot more private in there then it is with Viola." A "hmph" can be heard ever so slightly over the intercoms to which I chuckle. "Dad's parting gift. Don't know why he thought it would be useful." Shaking my head, I catch the sound of beeping and sigh. "And there's our signal." I'd ignored the snoring from Flint, realizing the guy was probably catching up on long over due sleep.
I snort;
"I don't give crap if there's an AI watching us have a little fun... besides, it's a lot more private, especialy if somebody comes knocking. Now that, would be awkward. "

Alright, I'm off, for real this time. Night.
"Might not bug you, but I bugs the !@#$ out of me." I see her look and sigh in defeat, I nod. "I'll let Shade know we'll use my ship. Suppose you do make a good point about the knocking at the door."

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