Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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IC: "Cynthia are you ok?" i ask her with obvious concern in my voice. "well really so to speak i am dead already" i tell Shade
Shade shook her head... "It seems to me that you really care for her... Didn't know you two had serious feelings... Anyway. You are not dead, you are just barely hanging on by a thread... There's a big difference between that."

I gave a nod, just laying there. My feet barely moving as it gave a twitch.
IC: "well she did call me an @ss that cared" i say smiling a bit. "Well me and Cynthia. Its weird, how others just clicked but its really been an up and down road for us"
"An !@# that cared? Sounds a bit like Zaros at times... Only difference was that he had anger issues but he wouldn't let anything happen to me..." Shade herself gave a smile. "As for you and Cynth, it's actually a good thing if you have good and bad moments with each other... Even fights, but don't fight on purpose or on accident... It'll just come. For then it'll bring you two closer together and make you both stronger in your love... It's hard to explain but in order to truly surpass in a relationship you must be able to carry the hardships."
IC: "I don't really know I mean I would like to have more medical training" Sam says while looking at tari
IC: "oh don't worry we've had many hardships" i went to get up but i found my movements.....sluggish
@Steel, just one question, but how come you didn't go for Spectre/Medic. XD :P

IC: "Everyone will had hardships... You dieing and her just now obtaining the ability to walk again... Is nothing compared to your future... Even you know that." Shade says.
IC: "i guess you're right" i say to Shade before turning to Cynthia "are you good to stand?" i ask
"Ah ... not quite what I meant."
Shade puts one hand on Dante's shoulder. "Don't overdo yourself... " Is all she says as she gets up and pats my back before leaving.

My hand was shaking towards the left and right... Meaning no. "I may need some help and maybe someone to help prop myself up against... Get used to walking again."
IC: i shrug "ok" i say before carrying her off the table and placing her upright so she leaned against me. "does that work?"
I felt myself slipping towards the floor so I wrapped my arms around Dante's waist quickly so I wouldn't fall. "Yeah... It does.... Almost fell right now."
IC: i wrap my own arms around her waist. "its ok. i got you" i say
I felt relaxed around Dante. His hands felt smooth despite the roughness at times. I just had to save him next if I wasn't distracted...
As we descend, I radio Shade. Someone had to respond. {{Shade, let Cynthia know that Alicia and I are back. Got everything she needed.}}
Shade heard the message and pressed a button, answering with {{Terance... I have a better idea... Just meet up with them somewhere if you are fast enough... You might be able to intercept them within the hallway, after all she's walking.}}
{{Will do. She got her COM unit on her?}} Landing in the hangar, I let Alicia get her gear together and I sprint out, letting a guard know about the stuff in the ship and heading to intercept Cynthia.
IC: we were maybe halfway to her dorm when the sensation came back. Those things crawling in the hallway, more than before. "Cynthia..... i'm seeing bugs again"
{{I don't believe so... After all she just had surgery.}} Shade replies, walking slowly down the hallway. {{If you are lucky they might be headed for her room.}}

I gripped tighter this time, not wanting to let go as I began leeching energy to him. Trying to help Dante get through. "Just keep it steady... You'll be fine. Just walk."
IC: "thanks...." i say as we pick up the pace. "i might have to go back to a limbo state soon"

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