Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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"No-" I felt Terance... Sprinting for us. "Terance just got back... I want you conscious when I give it to you... Then I'll truly know if it works."
IC: "ok" i say before giving a half hearted wave to Terrance.
I slide to a stop, the annoyed security guard behind me with the brain, the fire weed, and the maize. "Got everything you asked. The brain was a whole hell of a lot easier than the fire weed."
I finish reading my tombs and head for the library to read what books and tombs that they had available.
The brain it seemed was in a jar... It was awkward in a way... Seeing another brain. "Dante... You see that brain? It's going into the potion and you'll be drinking a brain... Sounds like you had some fun... Surprised you didn't say anything about me walking... Terance." I say. Not really annoyed, but not really insulted.
"I'm glad. And I'm sorry I couldn't stop you from getting shot in the first place." I nod to Dante. "We'll get you fixed up."
IC: "What do you mean then?" Sam asks gently
"You don't have to be sorry... In fact I'm thanking them. Because you got her real good after she did that..." I look back at Dante and then at Terance, my arms still around him. "I managed to mellow out Dante a bit... Mother telling us to not worry about the ups and downs because that will just make us stronger if we truly love each other. Plus I managed to accidentally inhale quite a bit of Terrazine... It was painful."
I wince, remembering watching a new spectre have to go without terrazine for a few days when I did a contract with the Raiders. Poor kid was useless until we managed to get a fresh shipment. "I can imagine. So, we gonna mix this up?"
"Do you ... want to have a family with me?" I was a bit embarrassed and nervous about having just asked that. I look down my cheeks flushing slightly.
IC: "can we pick up the pace. Because right now, i'm halfway into thinking Terrance is a giant spider"
"Dante told me to be strong though... That I can fight the addiction that is sure to come. But some things you just can't prepare for..." I gave a sad sigh. "Yeah... Let's mix it up before Dante sees more bugs than the bugs he already sees." That's when I noticed that Dante is delusional now... "Great... Now I'm probably a Black Widow or a Lady Bug."
I grin widely and take the ingredients from the guard, heading towards the medbay. "I'd rather not look like a bug, so let's do this."
IC: "i don't feel like finding out" i say
I grip harder around Dante as I turn him around. "Now focus... Terance just mix it without us... It's simple really, mix it up, heat it up... I need to make sure that Dante makes it over there."
I nod, turning to continue on, then stop and look back. "Any particular heat I need to set it to?"
"Lukewarm... It'll be fun chugging it down but I'll force it down his throat if I have to." I say.
IC: "so...... much...... darkness...... no! no! get away!"
IC: Sam is stunned for a few minutes after Tari said that. "I've taken a lot out of this galaxy it would be nice to put something into it for a change" He says before pulling Tari close to him and kisses her passionatly
"Dante... I will not leave! I have darkness as well... A different kind... We'll keep each other safe... Just go Terance." I almost yell out. Holding onto Dante even tighter.

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