Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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IC: i hug Cynthia. "don't go. You're the only thing i'm hanging on to"
"Not like we have a choice... Come on, easy steps to the Medbay." I say in a smooth and gentle tone.
IC: i regain some composture as we walk towards the medbay. "thanks..... for everything"
I nod and sprint off, heading for the medbay. I leap over a confused Zergling and spin around Cayl, just a couple of the obstacles I had to avoid before reaching the medbay. Getting there, I set to mixing everything up. The maize was tricky to get off the cob, but it was possible. Putting it in, I start on the fire weed, tossing it in along with the brain. Then I start heating it. {Just started heating it up. Hurry.}
I was stunned for a split second but happy I kiss back just as passionately. After a minute or so of enjoying the kiss I pull back and bury my head in his chest smiling. As I do this the lift stops and the door opens behind me. I sigh wishing this moment could go on longer.
{Okay... I have to admit though... A brain is absolutely weird!} We tug along closely, moving quickly but not to fast that Dante could lose his balance from everything that was going on... That was for me as well. "Your welcome... So how do you propose we repay each other?"
{You told me to get it, I just picked 'em up.} I watch the temp carefully, keeping it steady so that it wouldn't go wrong.
Concernedly looking over Dante and Cynthia, I tap into a private com;
{{Stef! I need some help over or here, or Cynthia and Dante do, that is.}}

{{Right, on my way.}}
Comes the short reply.
IC: "i dunno. If i answer now its probably gonna turn into a deluded bug rant" i say as we approach the medbay
{I know I did! It just seems so weird now that I think about it...} "Dante... I need Terrazine really badly." When I said that a weight was put on my head it felt like... Pulling my mind under. "I can't fight it any longer. The pain."
Stef comes round a corner and takes in the situation with a glance;
"I see. You aught to have added an 'I think' to that message of yours, Alicia. They seem to be doing fine."

"Just thought it would be faster, it's always nice to lend a helping hand..."
IC: i put my hand in front of her face as a quick controlled blast of terrazine emits from it. "part of my private reserves"
{{Alicia, have someone help Dante with Cynthia. She got a good whiff of Terrazine in Dante's room earlier and is probably trying to break the addiction.}} I shift channels to Cynthia. {How close are you?}
I heard Stef and Alicia. "Thanks for dropping by..." I say, stopping for a moment to take in the Terrazine... The jittering stopped and I was more relaxed and focused. "I might have a problem if I end up becoming addicted to it..." {Very close... I just had to have some... Terrazine...Dante gave me some because I couldn't control myself. I needed it. I told him I needed it.}
IC: "So where to now darling?" Sam asks while holding Tari.
IC: "i'm only giving it to you this time because i need you focused." i say before entering the medbay. i give Cynthia a smile "i'm leaving the rest to you" i say before going unconcious

OOC: gonna be away for a good bit sorry :/
{Right, that's what I told Stef, but he seems~}
{It's alright, Alicia made a good call.}
Stef interrupts as Dante and Cynthia enter the med bay. As Dante collapses Stef picks him up without any apparent difficulty and sets him on medical table.

Just a reminder, Stef is Alicia's name for Stefan.
Just a reminder, Stef is Alicia's name for Stefan.
I was too lazy to put the an. XD

IC: The Terrazine hit was exactly what I needed... I would need more than the help of one person in order to get rid of this addiction. Some energy flowing to my hands and feet but it was as if it was normal to me. It could be seen as black as I put both hands on Dante's chest and then finally my head. "Terrance... Give him the potion whenever. It should do the trick... I think."
"I guess we should go to the cafeteria and return the basket ... after that ... I don't know." I move back to Sam's side as we head off to the cafeteria.
Watching Alicia, I notice her bouncing from one foot to another;
"You've got something on your mind, go take care of it. If Terance needs help with either of these two, I'll be here. Go."

Alicia bobs her head in thanks and almost rockets out of the med bay. I chuckle;
"Seems she had something important to do."

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