Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XI

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IC: Sam puts his arm around Tari as they walk. "Hmm let me think what would be fun to do today.... hmmm any ideas?" He said sheepishly
summary???? (Will say my chars had bad headcolds when I come back)
"It doesn't matter right now... But Dante is on the verge of death and I just hope that this doesn't work... If it doesn't... I don't know what to do with myself. I don't handle deaths well with anyone that I care about." I say.

OOC: Mecha, nothing happened and since you are leaving when you just got here. XD
Okay, Cynthia can walk again, Dante is on the verge of dieing and hopefully the potion saves him. Plus Tari's party is tonight.
Diddly f#cking squat. It's all been character subplots and romance. Not joking.

Coming around a corner, I spot Sam and Tari;
"Hey Tari! I got you a birthday present!"
I call out.
and romance. Not joking
And something else but we'll spare you the details. XD Ain't that right, War?
"Yeah but ... what I have in mind should wait until tonight ..." I say smiling mischievously and wrap my arm around Sam while I rest my head against his shoulder. We come across Alicia. "Hi Alicia. What would that be?"
Bounding to a stop, I fish out my old room key and toss it to Tari;
"For Sam, I figured he could use it more than me..."
I say with an all too suggestive wink.

And something else but we'll spare you the details. XD Ain't that right, War?

LOL. But I'd clasify that under romance though...
I catch the key and look between it and Alicia a couple of times. "Thanks Alicia!" I say happy that Sam and I could share a room and dislodging myself from Sam I give Alicia a hug not really paying attention to the wink but know what she meant anyway.
I finish heating it and look at Dante. "Some one's going to have to help him drink this."
Laughing, I hug her back;
"Not a problem. Just make sure to put it to good use."
I say.
LOL. But I'd clasify that under romance though...
Actually surprised you read that but not the actual response.

IC: Stefan was ignoring us.... No surprise there I guess. Only really looking out for the people he cared, just like me... "Stefan can do it... I don't feel like holding his mouth open and making him swallow. I just can't."
Whoops! my bad CR, I kinda glazed over that... :/

I nod;
"Can do."
Carefully moving him into a more upright position, I start slowly feeding Dante the mixture.
I pull back and smile mischievously at Alicia. "Of course we will."
Destron: I get up out of bed and hiss happily as I realize the virus had been purged. However everything felt.. different. I do a diagnostics check on my body and realize the problem. My body had produced mucus to help rid myself of the disease but now the mucus was seeping into the mechanical parts of my body. "Commence system purdgiinngggbtgvdtufg." I say and I frown as my vocal processors started going haywire at the end.

Jen: I wake up and look around, ready for my headache to come back but suprisingly it was gone. "YESSSSSSSS IM BETT." I start to shout psionically but before I can a sneeze like a shotgun blast shoots out from my nostrils and where it hits on the wall crystals start wildly sprouting. "!@#$........"
I look at Cynthia and mentally curse at myself. Katarn? He nods to me. If the solution fails, I should be able to repair whatever damage has been inflicted. You should know though, he's had this a long time, and done nothing for it. I sigh and mutter, "Ut deus sit nobiscum," to myself.
"Thank you... Stefan. It's just that it puts me off... Forcing him to drink a mixture that has a human brain in it..." I say, kinda freaked out by that. "But I might just help him."
Grinning ear to ear, I nod;
"Good, I wouldn't want my hard spent effort to go to waste."
Winking at Sam, I throw him a casual salute;
"Just make her happy."
With that, I spin around and go rocketing down the hall, headed for the ecosystem.

I shake my head, still focused on feeding Dante the mixture;
"Can't say his taste buds are going to thank us when he wakes up, that's for sure..."
Once it was all down his throat, I took back the glass and head for the door. "I'll be in touch Cynthia, if that fails...I have one more trick to try." With that, I walk out, tracing Alicia's COM signal so I can talk to her before Dante wakes up.
"Oka-" Terance left too soon for me to finish and I sigh, feeling Dante's heartbeat under the rhythm of my finger. "Stefan... You can leave if you want to... I should be fine by myself until Terance gets back."
Jen: My stomach rumbles and I decide to head down the cafeteria and I start sneezing along the way their and soon the walls are covered in crystals. As I reach the cafeteria I let out a "Hello everyone, I'm back!!!" before letting out a forceful sneeze that covered the ground in front of my with crystals.

Destron: I slither of to the cafeteria, ready to get a bite of food. As I reach the cafeteria I say "Hello my fellow stude.." but I am cut of and everyone can hear a strange mechanical sound before huge globules of snot shoot out of my nose and hit the wall with enough force to slightly dent it.

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