Starcraft II must be optimized EVERY TIME?

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Every time I open the launcher is says Starcraft II must be optimized. Why does this keep happening?
What happened the first time? Did it complete, or was it interrupted? (I’ve never interrupted an optimization, so I don’t know if it would prompt again the next time.)
This shouldn't be the case. I would allow the launcher to complete first, close it and start up again to see if it helped.
This is happening to me too. Every time I go to play, I'm met with the file optimization screen, and have to run through the process. Again. I tried letting the optimization run its course and then closing it once it had finished, to see if that would stop it or throw a wrench in the normal pattern of events the next time I went to play, but no dice.

Any other ideas/help here?
Oh, and the first time the file optimization ran its course, everything went just fine, no freezing, no nothing. The same goes for every other time I've opened the game. The optimization process takes about a minute or two, and then I'm in game.
Any word on this? Any info you need on my end to help address the situation? Let me know and I'll reply quickly. I'd like to get this addressed.


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