Arcade Maps and Custom Maps won't download

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I am a Mac user who is currently in Germany. I play on the U.S server and have recently installed SCII and upgraded to HotS after an extended hiatus.

I am having an issue when I try to go into any section of the multiplayer options. Whenever Im in the process of downloading a map the download reaches a certain per cent and then stops. The first day I tried it it worked, but I got kicked out of the game instantly after the loading screen. My internet is fast enough to play WoW with 120-150 ms.

I have not bothered waiting for the map to download after around 10-12 minutes, because the game would either be full or I would get kicked out again.

I also tried creating a game with the same result of not being able to download the map.

Any advice?
Try deleting your cache to see if it helps.
i did that too it didn't work
Are you getting any error messages when trying to download maps?

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