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ive just completed the installation of hots, and i switched the game client to hots through the menu, and i still cannot play multiplayer

everything has a lock combo thing next to it. is this normal because the servers are overloaded, or do i have to do something?

(not sure if it helps or is relevant, but instead of saying hots, it says "starter edition")
i have this same error. is there an answer here? I played HOTS fine a couple of days ago and now it won't work in any matchmaking mode?

my mode says: heart of the swarm.
Same here. Somebody's sleeping on the job =X
Yeah all N/A matchmaking for everyone is currently locked out, unless you were already in a game, but once that game is done you are locked out too.
same here just got the same thing i need to upgrade my account and i have the deluxe package
same thing^ log into account and went matchmaking, showing locked, says i need to upgrade my version. have both versions.
This happened to me too. I finished playing an AI game but when I went to start a new one the menus wouldn't load. So I logged out then back in and now all the game menus (that were previously available) are locked and say I need to upgrade my copy of Starcraft II to access them.
Same Here. Played earlier today, Now the Matchmaking tab has a padlock icon abd says "you must upgrade your copy of SC2 to access this content
Happening everywhere.
same here
lol this thread just exploded
same here!
hopefully someone is fixing this
*whew* I was worried that I got kicked out or something... but seeing all this, it now makes more sense. I just had a match the other night and did well. But at the end, the other guy said he's going to report me simply because I won, and then this... Well, glad it's not just me at least. Lame.
There is a problem with the servers where the game would "time out" and I would receive a lost up to 15 points.
Thank god. Thought it was just me. Was like wtf?!
Same issue. I decide to play for the first time in weeks, and I'm locked out. What awful timing.
Has anyone heard when it will be back on?

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