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"If it is as you say, it must be done immediately."

"It is indeed as I say. We do not know the nature of this threat, but a darkness has been creeping into hidden places, lurking within the shadows, awaiting a chance to strike. We must discover our hidden enemy and destroy him."

"What do you require?"

"As I said, I will need a small force of soldiers and a warship. We will travel this sector and search until we have found what we must know."

"And you wish also research equipment?"

"I believe that these new technologies could be useful to my mission if refined, and the field may be the best place to develop them. I have the necessary knowledge, but I will also bring more specialized individuals if you allow it."

"Very well. You shall have what you request. I will send for some of our strongest Zealots."

There is a pause.

"Will these do?"

"I can think of none better, Praetor."

"Then I will send them to you, Executor, and you will begin your work immediately."


This is the second installment in a series I'm going to call Immortality. In Templar, you play the role of a Protoss warrior assigned to hunt down a hidden evil.

Create a character sheet:


Available Specializations:

Slayer. The Slayer is a hunter at heart. He seeks out individual enemies and destroys them with his Psi-Singularity ability, which provides constantly increasing DoT as long as the Slayer remains nearby. Slayer are particularly effective at analyzing and destroying unusual Zerg strains and other such monsters. Slayers should ideally have plenty of Agility and Psionics, but should also have Resolve and Might.

Guardian. These Templar know the value of sacrifice. The Guardian will protect others at any cost to himself, and as a result knows how to use Self-Sacrifice to absorb the damage that would be dealt to his allies. He has suffered centuries worth of wounds, and has grown durable. A true Guardian has great Might, Discipline, and Resolve.

Champion. The bravest of Zealots rush into battle wielding their psi blades recklessly and powerfully. They can use their Frenzy ability to enchance their speed and the power of their psiblades greatly for a brief time. Years of battle have taught them how to inflict maximum damage on their foes. Champions are Mighty, Agile, and Resolute. Most have strength in their Psionics as well, but not all.

Warrior-Bard. The Warrior-Bard is a shining beacon of light, restoring his allies and purging his enemies. His Strength In the Khala ability empowers himself and his allies, restoring lost energy and Resolve. He has learned never to give up hope in any situation, and as he and his allies suffer harm his Resolve is strengthened. A Warrior-Bard has very strong Psionics, but who can tell what his other strengths are?


Might: A Mighty Templar inflicts increased damage on his foes, and has greater physical strength. He is also slightly tougher.

Agility: Agility is key to maneuverable classes. Agility increases movement and attack speed and allows for greater acrobatics.

Psionics: The strength of mind in a Psionic warrior allows them to unleash special mental attacks. Psionics also increase the effectiveness of your unique ability.

Resolve: To defeat the enemy when numbers are against you, you must be Resolute. Your Resolve increases you energy and makes you less likely to retreat. As you are wounded, your Resolve will be decreased, but as it does your damage will increase.

Discipline: A Disciplined Zealot stands his ground, no matter what. Your Discipline increases your durability and allows you better teamwork. It also allows you to regenerate your life and energy more rapidly.

You will be given twenty points to spend on the various Strengths. Maximum ten points per Strength. Be sure to spread them around or you will be extremely vulnerable in certain areas.

This RP will not be statbased. These are merely guidelines to determine the outcome of battles.

The RP will begin when enough people have signed on. I'm going to insist that everyone use the default sign-up sheet.
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Name: Taedaris

Age: 278

Specialization: Zealot Elite (Champion?)

Weapons: Psi-halberd, Psi-blaster

Personality: Taedaris is strong minded, strong willed and loyal to the Daelaam and their allies. He can often be found training with his weapons, which are unique to his class of Zealot. When not training, he meditates, increasing his mental prowess and creating new ways to use his psionic potential. When he is angered, you should fear him, for few can stand before his righteous fury.

Back story: Taedaris is one of the few Daelaam Protoss who were chosen to be trained as an Elite Zealot. While lacking the mental power of a High Templar, the Elites are twice as quick and strong as any Zealot, with a much higher control of their psionic powers. However, they’ll never be able to be as strong as a Templar, nor reach their level. Elite Zealots are a class all their own. Taedaris is still considered young by Protoss standards, only being 278 years old, but he is powerful in his own right, being the second highest ranking Elite, an Imperator. He, however, is not their leader. He’s been an Elite since he was only 50 years old, training with his father until he surpassed him and was allowed to gain a real rank. Since then, he has fought against the Swarm and the Terran Dominion, even seeing conflict against the heretical Tal’Darim. While slaying his brethren brings him no joy, he will not allow them to sully the Protoss name and harm Xel’Naga artifacts.

Strengths: Might: 5, Agility: 5, Psionics: 2, Resolve: 4, Discipline: 4

I sorta made this ahead of time unknowing entirely what you had planned. I swear he's gonna be cool though! Please allow me to use him!

Also, Imperator is the lowest rank I know. If there's something lower, I'll roll with it. In fact, that was a bit of an issue that I've been trying to work out for a while.
03/12/2013 08:39 AMPosted by Zarkun
Age: 200
:P I think KO might make you raise the age... Too young in my eyes. XD

03/12/2013 08:39 AMPosted by Zarkun
He’s been an Elite since he was only 50 years
I would say that he was in training during that time... Since I believe SF said that was when they started training at. So... I would go with that instead of saying he's been an Elite at 50 because frankly, that is just too young... In training though, that is more probable.
You're counted as a Zealot when in training, so the concept carries over to the Elites.
Ah, I found that least bit kinda confusin'.... Okay. But I do think that KO would raise the age on that, because even you agree that might be a lad in theory... Just a young teenager not even close to adulthood yet... In my opinion. But KO might raise it, he's a lore junky.
I figure that a Protoss in his two hundreds is like a person in their 20's. Well, sorta. I'm not sure entirely on how that concept works.

All I know is that you might stump KO with your persons age... He gonna be confuzzled.
I know people who RP younger.
03/12/2013 09:08 AMPosted by Zarkun
I know people who RP younger.
As a Protoss? Damn... But still, we seriously need to know more about Protoss ages so we can figure out the best solution... And since Protoss are quite prideful, I bet they'll be betting their pride that a Zealot (Technically he is) that is 200 isn't as mentally powerful, or physically. And if your Elite is gonna be in charge of a bunch of others... Be prepared for them to question his position.
Far as I can tell, he'll just be working with others, not leading. And again, he's a Zealot. Of course he isn't a super powerful Psionic, but he's a physically strong person. I said two hundred because it's just right. If needed, I'll raise it.
I can see where you are going, because to you it seems right... Because it could very well be 1 Human year for every 10 Protoss years.
Like I said, no idea how the concept works.
No Reaper 2?
No Reaper 2?
This is Reaper2... If you read it then you'll understand that this is a sequal then at the end of it all you'll have a Reaper, specialized Zealot... And some kind of Zerg probably. You'll get another chance to use your Reaper.

I always hate squeezing characters out of thin air. They always turn out... Well, I guess you're about to see.
Name: Tar'Dakim
Age: 201 xD

Description: Gr...

BackStory: Oh gosh... I know absolutely NOTHING about protoss... *Old narrator voice* When Tar'Dakim was just a cub... Oh wait... er, a youngin' No, no...

Specialization: Champion

-Might 6
-Agility 6
-Psionics 2
-Resolve 3
-Discipline 3
03/12/2013 01:19 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
at the end of it all you'll have a Reaper, specialized Zealot... And some kind of Zerg probably

Did I say this, or is CR reading my mind again?

Something similar to this may possibly be true, but Gnarled'll smash my skull if I give it away now...

03/12/2013 08:58 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
he's a lore junky.

I'm a realism junky. There is a difference.

While I love your character, Zarkun, I have two requests:

1: Make him older (gasp, nobody saw that coming!).

2: Pick one of the specializations I listed. As I said, I love your char, but I'm going to be strict with the applications so I don't wind up with too much weirdness. While your "Zealot Elite" thing is pretty cool, make it overlap with another class.

Apart from those issues, I couldn't ask for a better char to start with. I also like your point spread. I am glad that my attempts to warn against uber-specialization were noticed. I was trying to prevent the "Streets of Korhal" overspecialization that occurred heavily, with a guy who couldn't move but could knock down concrete walls and a PI 10 that couldn't lift a piece of paper...

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