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Did I say this, or is CR reading my mind again?

Something similar to this may possibly be true, but Gnarled'll smash my skull if I give it away now...
I frankly remember hearing that... Unless it was partially true...

It would be nice if you can vote in PKA please....
. . .
(spazzes out and dies due to lack of Immortals or Sentries)
They may be in here, you just won't be playing as them.

Knarled, by the way... This is probably the first day to start up this RP with the lack of activity due to a certain game.
Knarled, by the way... This is probably the first day to start up this RP with the lack of activity due to a certain game.

I'll be surprised if any RP's get off the ground. *Sigh* I lost my only two readers :(
Is it possible for me to be another race? Perhaps the antagonist?
03/12/2013 01:36 PMPosted by KnarledOne
with a guy who couldn't move but could knock down concrete walls and a PI 10 that couldn't lift a piece of paper...

I remember those guys XD
"I hope to be more active here than in Reaper."

Name: Wal'seer

Age: 229

Description: He has a lighter shade of skin than most Protoss and has his shining deep blue eyes. Armor looks like this: http://predigious.deviantart.com/art/Thus-I-Serve-273006578 Except silver instead.

Backstory: I think I shall do this later... I really don't want to make one for him currently.

Specialization: Champion

-Might 5
-Agility 5
-Psionics 2
-Resolve 5
-Discipline 3
KO, we're all waiting on you.
Name- Va'dum

Age- 576

Description- Sealed inside an exoskeleton.

Backstory- A zealot champion during the Second War, Va'dum is a seasoned warrior. She was leading a patrol team on Braxis when she was grievously injured in a Zerg ambush. The patrol suffered significant loses although they drove the Zerg away. Va'dum lost her left arm in the fight and her legs were both amputated to prevent infection. Though the initial shock of it all was too much to bear, Va'dum was convinced that she could still continue to serve Aiur. Though serving in the immortal suit for some time, she yearned for a much closer way to engage in combat. She was among the first to transfer out of the immortals into a different, more in-your-face exoskeleton.

Specialization- Guardian

Vanguard: The Vanguard shell was created by a young genius researcher, Ra'luu. It is newly developed exoskeleton for Protoss warriors who are too grievously injured but still wish to be in the front lines up close. Unlike the quad walking immortal providing critical ranged fire, the Vanguard shell is a walking tank in the front lines. Humanoid in appearance and bipedal and nearly a meter and a half taller than a typical zealot, the vanguard inspires fear to the enemies with its presence. Heavily armored and shielded yet surprising light and agile for its size, vanguards employ a variety of close combat weapons specifically designed for it which is not limited to pole-arms and psi blades. Its shields are vulnerable to EMP.

-Might: 5
-Agility: 3
-Psionics: 0 (Used to control the suit)
-Resolve: 6
-Discipline: 6
Attention: the release of Heart of the Swarm and my subsequent completion of the campaign has forced me to make some changes to the plot of this series, though I'm surprised by how well the HotS story fits with mine.

New plot, better, closer to lore. Less speculation. More detail.

Changes necessary. May start over. Am considering possible options. RP beginning, postponed.
Hmph. Knarled took my portrait.
Abathur portrait superior to Roach portrait. Better looking. Slightly more difficult to acquire. Successful. Theft of inferior portrait variant only minor issue. Irrelevant.
So....will we possibly be redoing Reaper then?
No. Reaper's visible plot requires no change. Some of the secret things going on in the background (which affect this RP) require change. Will take some time to sort out all inconsistencies. Will begin work.
Hmph, when I acquire my dearest Broodlord portrait, I will rain death on you, Knarled. >:I
And honestly? The HOTS portraits look awesome either way. The Abathur one is a bit TOO glowy for me. :/
Name. Zer'Vah
Age. 339
Description. Is easily recognized by a light blue glow around him, Otherwise he looks like a normal zealot
Backstory. At the age of 100, Zer'Vah began training his psionics, And has been a bit of a loner since then. At the age of 250, He reached a level of psionics beyond human calculations, And is currently headed for becoming a high templar
Specialization. Slayer
-Might 3
-Agility 4
-Psionics 7(Tell me, Is this overspecialized?)
-Resolve 3
-Discipline 3
OOC: When does this take place? I could either use one of my other characters, or a new one.

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