Can't play Can't left click!!

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I tried to play a few games verse the ai to warm up about 5-7 minutes into the game i was unable to use Left click on units and buildings. I played 3 games had the same issue each time. so i thought maybe its isolated in the verse ai, so i started a campaign session and i had the same issue. I am able to still use hotkeys but that can only go so far when you can't left click on a worker to build a structure, or can't click on a building not hot key'd to build units or upgrades or to hot key the structure. Basically its impossible to enjoy hots with this issue.
I have the same issue.
The other day in the middle of a game I started to get unbearable lag combined with the inability to use hotkeys. I figured it was a one time thing and might even be due to the lag somehow and ignored it. Then today I try to start playing and I'm unable to select units with my mouse at all. However I am able to set up camera hotkeys and type to my opponent. Anyone have experience with this?
Lol I feel like a bit of an idiot. I contacted support and they couldn't really help me. So I was sitting there thinking about what the hell it could possibly be and then I remembered. Last night after watching some replays I had changed my hotkeys before going to bed and I had misclicked once. I went back and checked and of course that was the problem. You can actually change the hotkey for clicking to select units now. I suggest checking to see if you did this on accident. It's pretty easy to do accidentally all you have to do is double click while changing a hotkey. Kinda weird you can even change this setting but I guess it helps lefties maybe? Well I hope this helps another blithering idiot like me. :)
I can't move my troops with right click.I can only use let click and A to move my troops and I'm playing on mac.Can somebody help me.

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