2.0.6 Patch Lag HotS?

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I'm receiving these lags problems while playing the new matchmaking and custom games against the AI-I keep receiving "waiting for server" and it has actually drop me from the game. The first 30 seconds of a game feels like a minute and it's undesirable to play. I never encounter this problem back when I played multiplayer or the arcade months ago. At least, I was able to play HotS campaign without a problem.

When I open the launcher and check "info"-no download is shown; as well even check "download perferences"- check allow quick play regardless of speed (hoping that'll work but nope.) I even clean out my junk files on my pc hoping if it was the speed of my framerate but I don't think it is.

So far the only way I can avoid this lag is play the game on "offline" and the lag isn't there but I do want to earn some of those new experience points and to be able to play multi-player once again because it has been awhile. I usually don't encounter this in any other pc game that I have, it just appears to be SC2. I need a solution, please.
(STICKY) COMCAST CONGESTION IN SOUTHEASTERN US thread, could possibly be why..

I have Netgear router empowered by Comcast.
I do not live in SE US, I don't have comcast, my downloader is clear.

I'm having the SAME EXACT PROBLEM.
Ok, now I'm worry :L
Still ongoing and it has past the 2 weeks congestion.
Same problem over here in EU on every server... -.-

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