Is it just me or opening gas widow mine drop

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Is pretty all-inish.

Litterally everyone expects it...they have at least an obs or turret or a scan available. (tvp, tvt)

And it does no damage, it only relies on other people having no detection???
26 views, no replies? :D
You're saying widow mines suck? Yes they do against anyone with half a brain.
Very early widow mine drops are pretty all in yes
Widow mines are pretty much the expected terran cheese now, i think that they are more of a psych out tool than anything, people who don't what they doing over commit the defence and then get rolled by MMM ball around the 10 min mark.

If you do go WM drop it is very risky and is an all in strat.
well how many mines are we talking here(in the dropship)? I mean, even if it's 4 mines...2 for his main mineral line, and 2 for the expo...

you sure you can't make a command center whilst the drop is enroute to the enemy base? I would have thought it's not that much different from a banshee expand?

I didn't think it was that all-in, but I guess maybe every time the enemy was able to fend it off, I end up losing the game eventually...
It's not all in, and it is very similar to a Banshee expand, except it doesn't leave you undefended like a Banshee expand. With the excess mines you'll be pumping from a reactored factory you can wall up your nat entrance or ramp and kill most anything, finish off the rest with your bunker.

This pretty much makes short work of any counter cheese since placing Widows at the site of a rush can pretty much be gg.

I usually expand around 4:35 and transition to 3 Rax Stim, you could of course expand earlier going Korean 111 aka CC first into 16 gas 17 rax.

The trick to doing damage with this build is Widow micro/placement in your opponents base. You really want 1-2 per mineral line, just enough for him to lose mining time and kill some workers, and 1-2 at his ramp, so if he runs up/down you'll hit whatever it is moving.

This should put you really far ahead without you being in a disadvantaged position, though I would not do this versus Terran, as all he's going to do is lose a couple scans and you won't do any damage, then you will be ridiculously behind.
Window mines openings don't have to be an all in, it more depends on how much economy you gave up to do it. In TvT and TvP I'll say, no, it's not an all-in, vs zerg yes it's an all in.
Widow mine drop opening is pretty good vs TvT,

TvT because you can burn his scan if you can smartly spread out your widow mine / do some medivac pickup and get out after it activates...etc

Stay outside the range of his turret detection, and if he has both turrets up, it just means your widow mine drop is not fast enough. next time do a rax reactor factory swap --> produce double widow mine then immediatelly starport, get a single drop ship out and go.

If you really can't harass his worker, burrow Widow mine where his army is going to walk out, treat it like a baneling mine...

In TvP it can suprise your opponent but IMO it's weaker than hellion drop since Protoss always gets an observer and lately they are building cannon in their main and stalkers are so fast + they outrange widow mine. Besides, if you open widow mine drop vs Protoss, that means if you don't do decent damage with it, you delay your ability to put on the 10 min 2-medivac stim +1 timing push. Which is often how you set the pace of a standard TvP, if the 10 min push goes well for you and you can continue to be aggressive, and if you delay that, you might go to late game with don't want that do you?

TvZ...Widow mine drop often goes off on the queen + spore does not require a evo chamber to build...often times I have seen pro placing widow mine in front of Z's base to kill ling / queen while damaging it with reaper / hellion and delaying creep and Z's 3rd. It's a much better use for Widow mine IMO.

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