Can't Install Heart of the Swarm

Technical Support
I just bought HOTS yesterday..but surprisingly i got this error:
Failed to open the required file.Please check your internet connection and try again.
Error Code: BLZAPPBTS0000F
..and still i don't believe i got some internet connection issues. and i have already updated the latest patch of SC II.
and in addition. i can't play/connect in my region: SOUTHEAST ASIA.
(i don't know if its under maintenance or something)
Please help.
hey shino , i solved my errorcode BLZAPPBTS0000J , mines J , by deleting some folders , ill post the link where i found it here
hope it helps , by the way this is when i found the problem installing WoL not HotS , tho it might work for HotS too , im not sure , haha
anyways , good luck !
I can't install HOTS I get a message "could not install. Invalid installations. please try again".

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