You know we infamously live in the land of download limits right blizzard? Not to mention I already had to uninstall and delete stuff to install HotS just once..
Upon me buying wings of liberty last year from the blizzard store they sold me a US copy to me here in aus.

bought the collectors (and standard too) to play and they sold me the AU version..

their store is a bit bonkers!!
How about telling us BEFORE the game went live in our country. Ehh

Edit: how long until US goes live as I'm sure I won't have downloaded the required game client before it does.
Well because of this i don't even want to start playing... how about you make it so on SEA we can talk to real id then i might actually play on that server.
I bought HOTS and installed it from disk and download client, and it only plays WOL . This is insaine! IT only will play WOL WTF
This is ridiculous I biy the game and now I have to download 5 gigs worth of crap and cant even play on the midnight launch I waited 2 months for this damn game now I cant play for another 2 days wtf is wrong with activision since they own blizz j ow
Why are you people acting like you've never done a pc midnight launch before....
I got mine working...
I had same problem i was on America region, i simply just switched back to SEA region and i am now able to choose from WOL and HOTS.

I'm from AUS
I remember when WoL Came out, I bought the game at the midnight release in america and it was instant when I got home, installed it and played, not, buy it now, wait 6 hours, install it all over again, then maybe you'll get to play.
I got mine online, digital copy 3 days ago, and its still only letting me play wol and Americas is up and running now. So what do i do? I looked at my account info of purchases ive made on it and i don't see HOTS on their but i have the email receipt that i was given...
03/11/2013 05:51 PMPosted by Monster

Nuclear launch detected.
I think the female ghosts have nicer equipment.
Um. hi im in the U.S. I bought starcraft 2 wings of liberty and heart if swarm in the bundle and I cant upgrade its saying I have to buy it again. am I missing something here plz respond quickly.
That's ludicrous. Of course they care, but any comment without knowing the issue will only make matters worse. ANYBODY that doesn't expect first day hiccups with a game that sells millions of copies is deluded and selfish.
does the game keep crashing for everyone. i cant play for no more then 5 minutes at a time.
Yea same here, the game would freeze for about 10 secs, then blackout for another 10 before working again. Few seconds later rinse and repeat...
Those with US clients: are you now able to play Heart of the Swarm?
Those with US clients: are you now able to play Heart of the Swarm?

Yes, my US client let me play HoTS at the intended American launch.
I'm having the exact opposite happen.. I'm a NA player, live in NA, and somehow when I first started up HotS I was on the EU servers.

I played through the campaign.. then wanted to start playing with friends.. Friends list is empty. Joined a general chat, and found out I was on EU. Attempted to switch regions to NA at the login screen. It started a new 3gb download. Now when I hit play from the launcher, it "attempts" to make it to the login screen, then just goes back to the launcher.

So I'm guessing I have to redownload it all again in order to play NA?
No, my US client will not allow me to play in the Americas region. In order to play, I have to connect to Europe or a different region. I'm locked out of my NA region, have the correct updated client and still cannot connect to the Americas region. I've been trying to play for days now, about to give up and check on a refund.

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