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13 reaper gas opener beats a 6 pool lol. Replay available.

Also, Im trying to refine a timing push against zerg to open into bio.

Right now its something like.

Gas ---> 3 reapers
2nd gas
2 more rax.

With these i get tech labs on 1st and 2nd rax, reactor on 3rd and factory.

Then a 10 minute stim cs hellbat marine marauder push with 2 wm. 3rd cc goes down around 9 minutes.

I have around 12 marines, 6-7 marauders, 6-7 hellbats. 2 mines.

Anyone else doing any bio timings? Can you think of any better way to do this?
10 Depot, 12 Barracks, 12 Gas is ideal if you are opening with Reapers, unless you want to get a Marine before your first Reaper.

heres an idea of what im talking about. Thoughts?
Hmm will try that out.
13 reaper gas opener beats a 6 pool lol.

....everything beats 6 pool except for CC first on low ground.

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