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so does mine ^ but when I go into the game I cant do anything Hots related :( when it says I own both copies and my account is active :( plz fix the issue soon my account says im upgraded but no campaign play :(
Faced the same problem... Frustrated...
same here.
paid for WOL+HotS (digital) 3 days ago.
game client still keeps telling me to upgrade. stuck on "starter edition"
tried changing email, password, clients (SG,GB,US). waste of time.

i hear the pirated version works. the irony.

it's ridiculous.
it's like a simcity, at least those folks get a free game, we get ticket after ticket.
same goes to me, paid for digital bundle end up stuck in stater edition.
same here.

digital bundle makes me hurt.

when i can play this game ?
I purchase digital copy HOTS, but my order history status is queued not complete... Any idea guys?
why why we all hav this prob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wait about 48 hours..... than complete.... mine complete... but still game didnt upgrade to hots... T_T
i received an update on my support ticket, they have acknowledged its a problem effecting multiple people and they are looking for a fix for everyone.. no ETA mentioned :(
We anticipate a fix for this issue by the end of the week. We apologize for the delay and frustration, and we appreciate your patience.
Hi Velnrak,

I am assuming that I have the same problem that is being looked into, which is as follows:

I have opened SCII yesterday, WoL, clicked on the upgrade to HoTS and paid for then dowloaded the HoTS digital copy (standard edition).

Then I ran the patch/downloader updater, downloaded approx 9GB or so. 100% is reached and updater says that game is up to date. I click play and SCII opens and opens as WoL.

Everything is as WoL prior to purchase, dowload and installation, except that the option to upgrade to HoTS is no longer there. Also I use the SEA server.

To confirm, game campaign data for HoTS is in my program files starcraft2 folder and money has been taken from my account, and my Battle.net account confirms I do own HoTS.

In terms of fixing this issue, is it simply a matter of waiting on my behalf from further instructions from Blizzard via this forum? Or should I be following another source of information? Or will Blizzard resolve this problem and I should simply keep opening SCII daily to see if it opens as HoTS hence resolving this problem.

I appreciate your feedback, no matter how small as I am feeling a little 'in the dark'.

Kind regards.
Same problem here. Bought the digital bundle(WOL+HOTS) few days back but stuck on starter edition until today on all regions.
We anticipate a fix for this issue by the end of the week. We apologize for the delay and frustration, and we appreciate your patience.

By the end of the week, I hope it can be resolved before Friday...
I just bought the digital starcraft 2 bundle. My account has it registered on it. I literally SEE the game right there under WoW and my Diablo 3. It says it's there and that I've got both the STANDARD EDITIONS for Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. When I log in in the game though it keeps saying I need to UPGRADE. That I still have a starter's edition. It won't let me play. I've looked into the problem for a week now or so going through all the forums. Please help me. I've submitted a ticket. It's been a week and I hope to not have to wait another one..


my ticket number is SEA74356
Until the fix I will just have to lay down and cry myself to sleep. Awaiting a fix.
Hi, I had a problem with sc2 Wol where my account was limited (Ticket US34974591). Thankfully the problem was swiftly resolved by your team. I have now upgraded to Hots Standard Edition. The Battlenet webpage reflects this but when I try to play my account is limited to the "Starter Edition"... Despite trying many of the fixes other people have had success with I can't get Hots to run... PLEASE HELP :S

Blizzard Entertainment's response 2 mins ago...
Dear Customer,

Thank you for writing to Blizzard Entertainment. We appreciate your patience.

This issue has been reported to the team and the team is actively investigating the issue. Once there is an update, it will be updated on the following thread.


We apologize for any inconveniences and thank you very much for your understanding.

Thank you for choosing Blizzard Entertainment.
Best regards.

Blizzard Entertainment Customer Service

This is not good enough Blizzard, I've experienced many patch problems over several platforms in my day but this takes the cake... It seems you have 1000's loyal paying customers that have already spent their money on this expansion and the best you can say is... "Ahhh... we're looking into it..."
Sc2 HoTs has been one of the most eagerly awaited expansions in the last decade, my mate updated via online update the other day, the same as me and most of the people posting here and he's experienced no problems whatsoever... What's with that! Can you give the masses of disappointed, dedicated fans of the Sc series some idea of how many people you have working on this issue and give us some form of time frame you expect to have this issue resolved within instead of thanking us for our patience (which ran out some weeks ago for the majority of us) and just telling us to sit and wait... Like that's not what we've been doing since the "release" date?
RAGE o.0
**End rant*
We anticipate a fix for this issue by the end of the week. We apologize for the delay and frustration, and we appreciate your patience.

With respect, we were told this 2 weeks ago as well... Do you expect them to deliver this time?
Any details on the problem so far, I really just want to play the game!
Is it just few getting this problem? I wonder why there's no news article about this...

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