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Radish's fix also worked for me. Thanks for sharing!
Hi Guys,

Finally after 4 days got this and it worked for me, hope this helps someone else.

I have seen this popping up intermittently all day. The best solution we have right now is for you to create another character in a different region, like the EU, sign into it, then close everything, then try your region. This seems to force it to refresh in your machine for some reason and then it reflects your upgrade.

If you still need assistance you can select the “Not Resolved” button below or call us directly. If you would rather speak with someone directly, please contact Account & Technical Services. Our contact information can be found at <http://blizzard.com/support/article/cs>

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Thankyou SOOOOO much Radish, this fixed my issue and I'm now live. Forever grateful.
I highly recommend giving this a shot guys, seems it has worked for many =D
It worked for me! I didn't even have to restart the game, just made a new character on a different region and logged out and signed back into my original region and it worked!
How to create new charactor on other region???
Did it mean pickup username at first time when change to new region?
Awesome, this worked for me too, FYI to create a character on another region, select a different region from the login screen, login with your usual details, you will be promted to create a new character.
I already created character all regions 2 days ago but still starter edition T-T่
Can I delete my character and recreate a new one?
I'll try it again this day.
No worries glad this fix is helping so many people. Blizz must of changed something on their end as creating a new profile in another region didn't help me on Monday. Have fun and see you guys online ;-)
Yeah I tried changing regions also and it didn't work earlier. But this time this worked for me. I am with the SEA server usually, I created an EU character and it immediately upgraded. I logged back into SEA after restarting and I have HOTS now.
Changing the region does work!!!!! God bless you!
LOL... I have HoTs if I play in Korea/Taiwan or European leagues, If I play Sea or americas I have Wol...

what is going on blizzard?!?
RADISH for the WIN!


It works for me also.
Work for me too.

Thank you RADISH!!!
Worked for me too, thx Radish!!!!
thx Radish!!!! It Work. Finally found a working fix.
Worked for me too, thx Radish!!!!
but i only can play Hots in my EU Account.
Somebody know how to activate to another account?
Ok I solved my problem. Log in to EU account to activate HotS then quit game and change battle.net password and then re log in to region that you want.
thank again Radish.
3 cheers for Radish. Solved !!
Update 3/28 - Fix posted by Radish:

1. Create another character in a different region, like the EU
2. Sign into it and then close everything
3. Try your region.

This seems to force it to refresh in your machine for some reason and then it reflects your upgrade.
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Okay, how do I create another character in a different region?
That fix doesn't work for me and i'm getting more frustrated every day by this. $45 is a lot of money for me to pay for a game and I can't play it, now I have family members suggesting I contact the Fair Trading Ombudsman, something i'd really rather not do.

But I really need this fixed. And none of the fixes in this thread have done anything for me at all.

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