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To Kadaeux:

i recommend you to reinstall the game and before install a new one make sure you delete 2 of this items
battle.net and BlizzardEntertainment. They both in C:\ProgramData (Hidden Folder) delete them first then reinstall the game.
After install complete login to EU (or Korea) Account if this success you'll see Kerrigan stand in the background.
Thanks EtanatZ; Worked for the European Region, not the Americas though.
to Kadaeux:
After EU accpunt chage to Hots then u have to change battle.net password then log in to Us Account it'll be Hots.
i bought expansion from walmart and tried to play my game but said i have to wait 72 hours...why? I really want and am excited to play..
what does he/she mean when saying create another character in a new region
still having same problem , i upgraded to hots and it only works on europe servers nowhere else ... no fixes, i changed password for my account and still same story, I paid for HOTS and got starcraft 2 starter edition... please suggest fix or when it will be fixed
That doesn't work!!!! Fix it or give me my money back!
It didnt fix it! Give me my money back!
Blizzzard this thread urgently requires your attention :
I also have a problem about HotS. Posted it on Technical Support tho. Would be glad if anyone could help :< I keep logging in to wrong account :/
I'm a little confused.
My problem is that is doesn't allow me to upgrade via a game-key code(it says there are no game in my account to upgrade or something like that), nor does it allow me to make a digital purchase.

Whenever I try to buy a digital version i get "Due to certain restrictions (usually region-based), you are not eligible to complete this digital purchase. "

And on the page to enter the key code I get "Your version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is not eligible for digital upgrade. To upgrade to Heart of the Swarm, purchase a North American or European version of Heart of the Swarm and redeem the game key in Account Management."

Is that the problem this thread is referring to? Or do I have a totally different situation??

btw, I am Taiwansese, this is a Taiwanese account. And it is quite troublesome to get a NA or EU version of HoTS for me.....
Tried everything, change password, create new account in EU nothing works...
I've been randomly switched to Starter Edition after playing HotS from day 1. All solutions on the forum are crap -- is there a solution that works? If not I'll join the line for a refund.
over a month now and still no update to fix this its pathetic how a company like blizzard can sit on such a huge bug for so long
wow... and i thought i was the only one having this problem
If none of these fixes work like they didn't for me....just download hotspot shield!! took care of the problem for me
Recently, I've Found a bug where Starcraft 2 says looking for updates..... For like 5 hours anyone know how to fix it?

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