Can HotS be played using a different account?

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I apologize in advance if this is not the correct area for this question, but I am desperate. I have searched EVERYWHERE online for an answer and found none. I have tried live chat, under support, with no success. I also sent in a support ticket clearly articulating my problem over 48 hours ago, and have yet to receive a response, which I am quite livid about.

My problem is my uncle used his name to purchase me Starcraft2 Wings of Liberty, and after playing for quite some time now, I am sick of having to explain to everyone why my name is not on the account. I have my credit card info on it, contact info, my email, my password, etc. but not my name. I contacted support asking if they could change my name.

Now since I am no longer willing to wait for the response I was told I would receive in 24 hours or less, I have come up with a possible solution. HERE is where the "technical" issue comes in. If I were to create a new account with MY name, and purchase Heart of the Swarm, could I play it even though my Wings of Liberty copy is registered to this account? I was hoping that just having the game installed on my PC would be enough to run the game. I really want to buy the game, and I was hoping since it's freaking impossible to change your account name manually, someone would be more than willing to help out a potential customer...

You can reply to this thread or reach me via my account email.

If WoL is on another account you'll need another copy of WoL for HotS.
Blizzard makes it damn near IMPOSSIBLE to change the name on your account, and you can't reach customer support in ANY way, so in order to fix my problem I need to spend another $60 dollars for a game I already own, in order to play a $40 game I want to buy?

That is ridiculous!

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You can reach customer support. The problem is the expansion came out this week so they have a lot more traffic than normal.
You cannot reach customer support, trust me. I've been waiting for over 2 days.
You cannot reach customer support, trust me. I've been waiting for over 2 days.

Like I said, the expansion just came out.

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