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I am currently struggling with zerg. Besides the fact losing to a GM and a gold zerg and beating plats i got placed in silver but thats besides the point, i am rusty so it might be a great way for me to get back into the game since I havent played in over a year.

Every zerg ive faced has done mass banglings early, I see it coming and I wall off. but they have so many banglings they just keep busting in and rushing my mineral line with zerglings and i cant get back in cause my economy is so hurt. i am just wondering what do you do with bangling busts? i try teching to hellions fast to try to deal with speedlings but they always keep sending more and more lings and i cant keep up with it. i cant tech out of hellions to tanks because I'm spending money on hellions and trying to recover my economy or rebuilding my wall and they tech switch to roachs.
if you come up against a zerg and you see he is going to go bane/ling double bunker and supply depot wall (i suspect your doing this now)

before you expand, get a second gas in your main and make sure to either have a reactor rax, or double rax. Also make sure you obviously have a factory with tech lab. At this stage I like to have one tank (first) on high ground should the map allow for it, if not - position it the best you can so it will get another burst off after the wall has gone down.

Once your 2nd tank is being built you want to have your expand started, Also I find have about 4-6 scvs (at your natural) hot keyed so they can be called at a moments notice to repair, then HOLD position to soak as much dmg as possible once your wall goes down.
Try going 1 1 1 and as keen said, double your walls thickness. This can hold baneling busts with hellion micro, banshees and any bio you have in bunkers(use bunkers instead of depots for walls 2nd layer perhaps)
I've found this to work a treat and if you keep your starport and factory alive you can use them to rebuild your wall. And if you see a raoch bling all in, get seige tech and 1-3 tanks tp help the hellions and banshees to kill them.

Hope this helps and glhf :)
I go mech in TvZ so I just have a !@#$ ton of hellions. I scout with my rax so I can see whats coming and run my hellions out and kill them all.

I guess I've been in that situation so much I stay calm and just get through it, then mount a huge counter attack and roast so many drones :D

This is how u hold it off.

really quick video on how to hold off banling busts.


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