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Can anyone be of assistance here?
So far I am struggling to identify
1 Base
  • MSC blink-all in
  • DT- not an all in anymore
  • Stargate- Oracle or void- could be all in or not
  • 2 Base
  • MSC blink
  • DT Blink
  • DT 8 gate
  • 6 gate with oracles in back
  • I am also struggling with what build are successful in HOTS
    1 base
  • 2 rax variants- can expand behind it
  • 1-1-1 variants- can expand behind it, includes widow mine drops
  • 2 base
  • 1 rax expand with reaper
  • 3 base
  • Reactor widow mine expand
  • If anyone could help me I would appreciate it
    The build I find successful in hots tvp is:

    10 supply
    12 rax
    13 refinery
    15 orbital
    1 marine
    2nd rax
    reactor on first rax
    supply depot
    tech lab on 2nd rax
    pump maries get marauder slow, when first marauder comes out go push

    If he did a fe you can probably kill him if he's doing a one base play pull back expand and put down a bunker or 2 depends on what's he's doing.

    This build will out right kill a protoss who is greedy and will be able to defend against a 4 gate or all in and you'll be ahead in economy.

    The important thing is to get that reactor before 2nd supply depot, it will be timed out perfectly so you arent supply blocked and can constantly make scvs, makek sure to always be building supply depots so you don't supply block yourself, it's very micro intensive when you push.

    Make sure if you see gas to scout, if you don't see tech in his base check around the map for proxy stargate.

    Widowmines are useless against any competent toss and reapers will probably be quite useless as well.
    If you watched mc vs innovation on mlg you would see that getting that bunker inside your base and getting a few siege tanks crushes any blink stalker play. Especially now that siege in innate you arnt really investing in tanks if you don't plan to use them the whole game. Not sure exactly to help you on the rest. Except that in the same set innovation put some wm at his mineral line and even dragged an oracle into it when he went for the scvs. Are vrs really a problem for terran?

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