Fat Virgins Gaming is seeking a Terran!!

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Fat Virgins Gaming [FvG] is an SC2 clan dedicated to trolling the lower leagues in team games while under the influence of alcohol and good times. Our clan ranges from Diamond - Gold and play team games regularly every weekend.

NOTE: You don't have to play with us all the time, but just be open to playing some teams occasionally.

We are currently seeking a Plat- Diamond Terran to play 3v3 and 4v4 with, you MUST possess the following.

- Must never have been laid or had intercourse to the best of your knowledge (Ref/Background checks will be made) ;).

- Must weigh more than the average person of your BMI also high cholesterol level is a bonus.

- A pony tail is looked favorably upon.

-Have a relaxed personality and enjoy trolling and having a beer while playing.

- Be able to scout and be able to build anything other than mass marines.

- Have skype and a mic.

If you're interested in being part of this, leave your name and character code here.

Thank you

No mention of neckbeards, I am disappoint.
Should be pretty difficult finding a Terran who is ok at the game and a virgin at the same time.

Women can sense when a man can split his bio at the same time as producing and not getting supply blocked.

It's more powerful than pheromones.
Iv'e play some games with these guys, really layed back and super funny!

Add me if you need another zerg.
if you want a goldish player anxiety you know who to hit up. me and Locke.
if you want a goldish player anxiety you know who to hit up. me and Locke.

Locke's never down anymore, you'll hit plat soon i think!

ill add you to my friend list though =)

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