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So I have been playing SC2 since beta, and never really had this issue until I started playing SotIS

each char uses the commands q w e r in the game to cast spells, since sometimes i need to be mobile and don't have plug-in mouse available I use the standard keyboard/mouse

anyways.... I sometimes end up pressing Cmd+Q which threatens to quit the SC2 app
I did some minor investigating and found a decent website addressing the issue but for Safari

They show a Terminal command listed as '{"Quit Safari"="@Q";}' to possibly disable the Cmd+Q short cut..
they stated that its not a sure thing for game applications and I'm not the best on this subject matter
does anyone agree with this statement or have any further insight into safely disabling cmd+q for SC2 application

You can change the shortcut used for quitting SC2 by opening System Preferences, choosing Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts. Click the "+" button, then for Application: choose Other... and find your installation and navigate down to the StarCraft II/Versions/Base16605 folder and choose SC2.

Then type "Quit StarCraft II" (exactly, no quotes) for Menu Title and type command-option-Q for Keyboard shortcut (or whatever else you want to change it to).
Unfortunately, this method will probably require you to re-apply it after each patch. Just FYI.
Yeah, badwolf, yours was the first thing I tried (logically :D) and it didn't seem to work too well...
but then again a new patch came out the next day, so this might explain it
I'll do more investigating on the subject with future patching

Thanks again guys!
at some point blizzard decided to make the quit hotkey command+option+q because of complaints like this.. which is fair enough i guess, have to react to complaints... but to make an active decision to not comply with user interface guidelines that have been in place for at least 20 years.. hurts... when a mac user such as myself hits command+q, my app better do what i mean it to, which is to quit. (I'm sure windows users get equally annoyed at apps that dont bother to implement alt+f4)

in any case, this needs to be a choice by the user to not conform to the guidelines as a customization, not by default

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