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Hey, I'm currently playing SC2 on my friend's laptop but I have to give it back soon and was wondering if anyone has any ideas of a good laptop. I found

and was wondering if thats strong enough to play it in med/high settings.

I've had a sony for 6 years and really like it because it still works perfectly, but if someone can convince me otherwise then im all ears. I've always had the mindset that lenevo, toshiba, and lenevo were cheaply made even with good specs.

Anyone know what the i3, i5, and i7 are comparable to in terms of core 2 duo, core duo, quad, core 2 quad, etc?

Max i can spend is 900. Thanks
With $900 you can buy a much better desktop, and not have to worry about the inadequacies of laptops. That would be my suggestion.
well i don't really want a desktop cause i go from college to home which is a 2 hour drive quite often. so i want to get a laptop. Just wondering, spec wise, how intensive SC2 is and if that laptop can run it at med/high settings.

I initially wanted a desktop and can build one for much cheaper but it's not mobile enough for me.
Yep. It's good.

FPS 55 High, FPS 65-70 Medium with that build
oh ok cool lol. how do you know the fps? do you have one yourself?
Anyone know what the i3, i5, and i7 are comparable to in terms of core 2 duo, core duo, quad, core 2 quad, etc?

i3 processor is pretty weak. It's simply a fast duo-core, and weak adaptation of i5.

i5-560 and above are quad core, and pretty fast. Good memory transfer bandwidth and generally bottleneck-proof.

i7-870 and above are quad core (logical) plus quad core (hyperthread). It's like an octacore processor, and it has better memory transfer bandwidth and speed. Pretty future-proof.

Your CPU is i5-460M (2.53GHz) duo-core. Which is good for a notebook this size and power usage, anything higher would make it heavier, bigger, and limited without power cords. Being duo-core is fine too, because Starcraft II is optimized for duo-core, unlike quad, hexa, or octacore.

how do you know the fps?

Press the "ESC" or "F11" key while in-game, then put the mouse cursor on the "Menu" word in the top-left. Starcraft II can display your current FPS while in game.

But how I know the FPS will be on the laptop, I don't. Just an educated guess, based on the specs. With strong GPU, optimized CPU, fast DDR3 RAM, and responsive HDD you'll have no problem playing for hours on that aspect-ratio and resolution.

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