Starcraft 2 Quits after "Play" Button

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Hi there. I was doing some troubleshooting around a problem that centered around Starcraft 2 quitting after I hit the "Play" button on the launcher. I heard that this issue was resolved and was reasoned to be connected with some regions being down. So will that be fixed in an upcoming patch and I just have to wait?

But being the person that I am I tried several of the methods regarding crashes.

-Ran the repair tool for the launcher. No change in the results.
-I cleared the cashe for That didn't change anything.
-I did a hardware test, and it indicated there was something wrong with a temperature or a battery sensor. But I've researched it and it turns out that this problem mostly arises from people who had recently changed their batteries for their laptop. I changed my battery around 3 months ago, so it makes sense. But I feel like it doesn't pertain to the problem.
-I repaired permissions for everything on my HD. That didn't change it.
-I've reinstalled twice, and there was no change.

I'm running 10.6.8, and I understand that if it's caused by my system that you can't help me. However I'm also aware that this problem came from a user who ran 10.7.5. If you need to see system specifications, let me know. Thank you in advance!
This seems like something else is happening.

You mentioned you had reinstalled twice. Did you uninstall all files, as outlined in our StarCraft II Uninstall article? I think it may be a bad preference, plist or a variable file.
My first uninstall was just deleting the Starcraft 2 folder and then opening the SC2 Setup file again.

The second uninstall was the more thorough one that followed that outline. Yet, when I searched the library there were files that I could not find.

In addition to that, I'm looking through my library, and there are still some files that I cannot find.
These include:

com.blizzard.errorreporter.plist (I found com.blizzard.blizzarderror.plist instead)

The ones that I did find were:

com.blizzard.Installer (Didn't have "plist" attached at the end of the file name)

I hope this helps.
Can you do me a favor and send me your logs so I can see what the system is doing after you press play? This might tell me what is going on under the hood.

Obtaining Logs
    1. Navigate to /Users/Shared
    2. Right-click the folder and select Copy
    3. Right-click anywhere on the Desktop and select Paste item.
    4. Go into each sub folder (Agent, Agent.[build], Client, Blizzard Launcher.[build], Setup) in the new folder on your desktop and delete the all following apps:
  • Any (the application itself)
  • Any Blizzard (the application itself)
  • Error Reporter
  • Any World of Warcraft, Diablo III or StarCraft II Setup files
  • 5. Now right-click the folder and select Compress ""

Now you can email the compressed (zip) file to This way I have all your logs and can investigate further. Make sure you put the URL and thread title in the body so I can know what issue we're talking about.
I just sent the file.

Hope it helps! Thanks in advance!
Hey, I'm just checking up seeing if there was a verdict yet as to what was happening.

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