Is it illegal

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To use peoples SC2 replays w/o asking them in videos you post on youtube?
I dont think there is any copyright connected to it and its hard to trace down players contact info. Most players would probably be flattered if you publish their games. Perhaps some would be angry if you post games where they loose.

Just be polite and dont go into rants about how bad people are, and you should be fine :)
Unless you're hacking a computer it does not matter, if you download the replays off a site like SC2Replays then they put the replays online and made it available for the public to do as they will.
No, if anything it's owned by blizzard, and i don't see why they would care because it's like free advertising to them.

The police will bust in your door and drag you off to jail where you will stand before a judge and pay for your evil, evil crimes.
Totally, i'm afraid you have committed capital offence. Prepare to be zerg launch.
Some of the unwilling participant identities in your video, may take a personal offence, buy a gun, find and kill you.
You may also experience anxiety and guilt, and fall into a severe depression, which can be life threatening. Also, you may go to hell for this. Further more, this will be made a matter of public record, and therefore you will never, ever ever, get laid again.

Dude, you took it a little far. Mine was just god dry humor, yours took it... too far xD

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