Starcraft 2 re-installing

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I've been playing Starcraft 2, since two days after the release of HotS. I moved my iMac (21 inch 2.9Ghz) yesterday to another location and the installer popped up. I returned my iMac to where I had it originally and the installer is still popping up beginning the process all over when I had already installed it. My guess is that somehow the game isn't communicating with the server or something ... How do I fix it? Or should I just re-install?
I've been having the same issue. I downloaded and installed the entire game off of a boxed copy, but for the last week every time i boot it up it says i need to download about 235MB. I've downloaded that 235MB four times now. What is up with the installer?
Was this asking for a full reinstall, or just you need to optimize?

@Conquistador- This sounds like a permissions issue for you. Can you reset your game folder permissions and see if this helps the next time you do your update?

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