Stand up guys official!

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Welcome to the clan gain respect and earn your ranks welcome to Stand UpGuys clan.
Hey im Jon and I just stated a new caln skill from bronze to master all welcome

The clan uses c3 to talk

If you want to join the clan heres the website

Go to fourms and post in "I would like to join application"

If you need to talk to me in sc2 herp.246
hope you join

We grow fast
1 new member SUG grows,......
+1 SUG grows
Does your clan require a mic? To broke to buy one atm (just built computer an need to pay bills till next paycheck)
No you do not need a mic
thank you all for joining keep it up!
we grow and grow hurry and join before its too late D:
still got some slots open!
Dang the clan grows real big!

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