What about a Science Facility RP?

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It's been about a year (ish) since I've gotten on here but the Project Blackstone thing got me thinking about how cool a Science Facility-esque RP could be, with all the different scientists co-mingling, arguing, or maybe even having a couple security guards RPed to stop breaches.

Probably trash, but hey, food for thought.
there was one such RP but sadly it is ... on Hiatus? ... due to a very missing DM ... twas sweet while it lasted ...
I don't think that's the same idea, Morph. Doom, through the full idea out here, see what we think.
I don't think that's the same idea, Morph. Doom, through the full idea out here, see what we think.

What if, [Redacted], after taking the [Redacted] from [Redacted], set up a massive Science Facility, (or a private investor, like I said I haven't been here in a while so I'm not too sure on how much we follow have to follow lore) this facility would be one of the largest undertakings the [Redacted] has ever embarked on and nearly every scientific study would be processed through it. That would let the RPers be able to choose whatever they would want to research (if they were a scientist), new marine armor, improved ghost suits, Zerg biology, whatever.

The majority of the RP would be devoted to the projects/the scientists relationships with each other (I could imagine there would be competition), guards would patrol and deal with any outbreaks or breaches in the Facility.

I'm not exactly the best DM but this could be a rough start for something that may could possibly be cool?
It's similar to Jay's in some aspects, but completely different in others....I like it. Won't make or DM it, but I like it.
No HotS spoilers please
No HotS spoilers please

Not really a spoiler if I don't identify when [Redacted] takes the [Redacted] as everyone kinda knows it'll happen anyway.
It's still a spoiler... I read first sentence and almost punched you through the monitor xD
Mark, he really didn't spoil much for you since Blizzard has screamed what will happen at you for some time now.
I would want to (try to) take part in something like this, as it would be a good place to start with my new character.

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