The Ghost in the Darkness: Text Adventure

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Cody Ross stood up, fumbling around for the rifle he knew had to be there. He held his head, before looking up. His squadmates had to be around somewhere. The wind blew hundreds of droplets of water in his face, and he pulled his mask back down. What a mess. He checked his radio. No signal.

The Conditions are awful, and he slips on the soaked granite, barely catching himself with his rifle. The visibility is close to zero, but hoping for shelter, he moves towards a dark mass near him, thinking about where the other might be. Had any of them bailed out of the dropship as well, or had they crash-landed? He shook his head, and finds himself at a sheer face of nearly 40 feet. The Zerg have to be around somewhere, but could they even be out here, in the horrific weather? He doubted it.

Somewhere else were his squadmates, and they might need help, but what if he was lost? He suddenly spots a cave, and thinks of rotting, starving, dying of exposure before finally a Hydralisk puts him out of his misery. The Dominion wouldn't care too much, naturally. He didn't think they cared about anything. He thinks for a moment, the others would be south, further from the alleged Zerg base but further into this damn storm.

Cody Ross Options:

1. Go south and look for your squadmates.

2. Take shelter in the cave and try to wait it out.
I'd say you go south and look for your squadmates.
Take shelter in the cave.
Take shelter in the cave.
We need a tiebreaker. :P
SHELTER! You must go with the rule of 3.

He thinks about his teammates. They could make it on their own, they're very competent soldiers. He struggles to get to the cave, finally winning his fight with the wind and sleet that are practically like bullets. He goes inside, and it's just big enough for him to fit in comfortably. He lays down, and tries to sleep, but it's impossible. He'll have to stay awake through the storm.

He tries looking out, every five minutes or so, but it simply won't let up. In fact, it seems to get worse. It was like a damn hurricane. He contemplates it not letting up, of him staying inside and dying, when it starts to quiet. He looks outside, and it seems to have let up slightly.

He can see now that the surface is very rocky, and quite mountainous. Hopefully this meant the others got shelter too, from both the storm and, god forbid, the Zerg. He starts to move towards the exit, when he thinks, what if it's a lapse? What if he gets caught outside after moving? Should he make sure?

Cody Ross, Options:

1. Stay inside and wait and see if the Storm calms starts back up or ends.

2. Go and look for his squadmates.
Survival for now. Stay.
He waited, and it seemed like eternity. He waited, and waited, and waited. He started to feel bad...he started to wonder if the others were getting butchered right now, and needed his help. But he decided they weren't, and if they were, he probably couldn't help them anyways.

Finally, after what seemed the ages the storm cleared. He stepped outside, and almost instantly slipped out, sprawling on the rocks. He thought he heard a chuckle, but he couldn't see anything as he looked around. It was rather dark out, as it seemed to be night, but he couldn't be sure. The planet's sky looked odd, a sort of violet color as opposed to the familiar navy blue of Earth at night.

As he climbed over the rocks, he spotted something. Initially he thought to go running to them in happiness, but he restrained himself and looked. It was a Hydralisk. He cursed to himself, now knowing for sure that the Zerg were there, and looked around. There was a promising alternate path to the right, but he wasn't sure where that led. He took out his rifle, and thought.

Cody Ross Options:

1. Kill the Hydralisk and move on.

2. Go the alternate path.
Ninja kill the hydralisk.
Kill the hydra quietly and move on.
Kill the stupid worm.
He decides the other path might lead to a large group of Zerg, and so he moves forward, taking care to be quiet. However, he makes a bit too much noise going down a small jump, and the Hydralisk turns about quickly, ready to strike at this unseen threat.

He hunches down behind cover, hoping he can't be seen, when he hears a gurgle and a drop to the earth. He waits there for a second, contemplating if the Hydralisk maybe had lost interest, or if he'd died, and decided to get up and look, even if it wasn't a smart choice. What he saw shocked him.

The Hydralisk had a, that's not the word for it. The Hydralisk looked like it'd been torn in two by...something large. A huge pool of blood surrounded it, and half of it's head was gone. It looked like it had a large bite taken out of it. He looks around, horrified, and realizes there must be...something else here. He needs to find the others. He moves past the small area, and comes into a clearing. He sees a large hill, towering over the small ridges that are all about, and thinks about going up there.

Cody Ross Options:

1) Climb the hill, look for teammates.

2) Keep going along the lower parts.

3) Call out and hope for an answer.
Climb, but don't skyline yourself. That...would be very bad.
what zarkun said
Same as the prior two.

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