The Ghost in the Darkness: Text Adventure

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He climbs to the top of it, slowly and carefully, and looks about while on his stomach. He spots what appears to be a human, and looking through his scope he confirms it, along with another two. He can't quite tell who's who, but he does know there were 7 people on that plane, and still only 4 are accounted for.

He made his way down, being careful not to make noise, when he thought he heard whispering. He couldn't make out what it said, but as he turned, there was nothing there. Slightly unnerved, he continued on towards where he saw the others, finally coming to the correct clearing.

"Hello." He said simply, not sure about how to greet them. He saw now who was there. It was Jack, the ship pilot, Alexis, the communications operator, and Zack, a fellow sniper-scout.

"Oh god, you're alive?!" Cried out Jack, slightly too loud. Zack came up and gave him a handshake awkwardly, while Alexis remained in the back. "We're not sure where the others are....we assumed the worst." Jack continued.

"It's alright. We can try and find them." Zack simply responded, standing near Cody, obviously very glad to have him back. Jack was still very worried looking, and Alexis remained expressionless. She generally showed little emotion.

"Well, maybe we should get situated. I mean-" Cody started, not very aggressively at all, before being interrupted by Alexis.

"I'm in charge." She started simply, "That's how the command chain goes. I'm not sure yet what we'll do though." She spoke with authority, and as though she commanded respect. She didn't, though, as they were all fresh out of training, very young and not experienced. The oldest of the new recruits was only 24, and that was Cody. Yet, they didn't challenge her. It was best to avoid infighting.

Alexis Sanders options:

1) Go look for the others.

2) Stay where you are and get situated.
Set up a base camp with fortifications.
Get situated. Then debate the intelligence of a chain of command with the Zerg around.
"Alright, going after them will get us killed. We have to make a camp. Let's get to it then. We can use nearby rocks and some things from the crash." Alexis commands. As she says this, Cody realizes the wreckage is right there. They begin to set up a camp, with defenses aplenty, when Jack comes over to Cody.

"Hey, Cody. I think Alexis is making a mistake. Think we ought ta correct it? Lord knows what the others could be dealing with right now." He says eagerly, and Cody pauses for a moment.

"I don't think I'd like to ruffle any feathers around here, and she IS in charge officially..." He begins, but Jack looks unamused and he doesn't buy it.

"Damn the chain of command, this is a fight for survival. The sooner she learns that, the better. We have no idea how long we'll be trapped here." He says, looking deeply at Cody, who notices a panicked expression hiding beneath his face.

"Well, it shouldn't be too long 'til the Dominion-"

"God-dammit, the Dominion ain't coming for us! We may be stuck here forever, and we're gonna need to find the others." Cody stops, and thinks. He hadn't realized that, that they might be there....forever! Maybe Zack was right...but on the other hand, he didn't want to cause internal conflict with Alexis, it certainly wouldn't help anybody. He also thought Zack looked slightly...devilish, about the whole situation.

Cody Ross Options:

1) Stay still and wait for now, it's best to avoid conflict.

2) Go and express your concerns politely and logically with Alexis.

3)Confront Alexis aggressively and make sure she understands the chain of command no longer matters.

4) Express your differences in opinion with Zack (Say you think building up camp is better as well).

Kidding. Make sure she's aware there's no longer a chain of command.
Say nothing and let the chaos spill over. Manipulate the others to do your bidding while they are in a vulnerable state.

So 1) pretty much.
Make sure she's aware there's no longer a chain of command.
"You're right. Let's make sure she understands, too." Cody said, turning and walking quickly to where Alexis is at. She looks at him curiously, but when he gets close the expression seems to turn to one of spite.

"What the hell are ya doing?" She said, "We need to get this pla-" But she was cut off by Cody getting in her face. Her hand began to gravitate towards the pistol in her belt. Jack watched, shifting uncomfortably, and not noticing Zack coming in close behind Cody, with a look of anger and deceitfulness on his face.

"Listen, and listen good." Cody started, talking much more loudly than necessary. "We're stuck here, whether you like it or not. Your chain of command? It doesn't matter anymore, and you need to understand that. You can't just boss us around because you have an imaginary thing that makes you better than us, got it?" He said, backing off ever so slightly, as Alexis's expression shows her anger and surprise.

"Listen up. We're dead if we don't have organization, we'll all just be picked off by the Zerg and the weather. If we're to survive, we need to have someone making decisions. Until we find the captain, that person is me." She noticed just then Zack coming up, really close, not slowing down at all.

"Shut up!" Zack yells, shoving her against the rock she was standing in front of. Jack notices Cody's look of surprise, and his hand on his pistol. He also notices Alexis put her finger to her gun's safety, but not yet pulling it out.

Options: Jack Denell:

1) Continue watching.

2) Tell them both to knock it off.

3) Step forward and side with Zack.

4) Step forward and side with Alexis.

Cody Ross, Options:

1) Pull Zack away from Alexis.

2) Continue watching.

3) Pull out your gun and cover Zack in case Alexis tries something.
Tell them to both knock it off. For they will be the death of themselves and that they'll truly have no way of surviving if they start a mutiny.

Cody Ross! Pull out yo gun dawg and put some caps in her !@#!
1) Continue watching.

2) Continue watching.

It's all fun and games. Let them blow off some steam.

Pull them apart.
vhat zarkun said
As it appears that they'll come to blows, Cody forcibly pulls Zack off of Alexis, hoping to avoid further confrontation. Alexis breaths a sigh of relief, but keeps her hand near the pistol, and Zack still has a very angry expression. Jack simply sits off to the side, trying not to make enemies. Suddenly, a sound is heard. It sounds human. No, two sounds. Wait, three. The yelling of two, and the cries of a third. All three in the same direction. All three nearby.

Zack continues trying to break free, but Alexis walks forward now, taking her hand off the gun. "The hell..." She begins, before Jack gets up and starts slowly wandering towards the sounds, staying close. The four of them stay still, before finally two people, looking frightened, go over the top of the protective rocks. They look shocked and ecstatic to find the others there, and one of them, the captain himself, manages to get out a few words. "Zerg." He says ominously. "But only a few." He says, getting up and starting to fire at some incoming Zerglings. The others follow suit.

After a short battle, the Zerglings are dead and Cody and the others get to see who had come fully, as they'd been hard to make out in the adrenaline rush. There was Captain Jacobson, who they were all glad to see, and Zena, who they did not know the name of. She was a bit more mysterious, as she was a mute, and they weren't even sure how much she understood of their talk. She was the youngest of the group, perhaps 16, and was a Ghost in training. This alone made her the odd one out, and her muteness contributed to this mystique further.

"The hell happened to you guys? Where's Gladstone?" Alexis asked frantically, stumbling over her own words. Cody couldn't tell if she was happy to see the captain or not.

"Gladstone's dead. Me and her, we barely made it." Zack couldn't help but feel sick to his stomach. He liked Gladstone, and gladly would've taken him over the Ghost. She was simply too odd for him to possibly want her around, though he did think her attractive, those things simply don't matter in a war situation. There was a silence for a second.

"Did....did it just happen? Were those the cries we heard, the whaling?" Asked Jack, timidly sitting in a corner.

"What? He died in the crash." He said, surprised.

Jack shuddered.

Captain Jacobson Options:

1) Look for and identify the noise.

2) Ignore the noise.

3) Establish your authority.
Look and ID.

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