Massive lag/launcher problems

I've tested this on Starcraft and Diablo 3. I find that if I want to play starcraft I have to turn it on, login, then disconnect the internet otherwise my framerate is 5.

Diablo 3 is just unplayable as of the moment. Game freezes and monsters kill me pretty much.

Trying to test WoW's lag and it's given me a launcher error (which is shared by starcraft and Diablo)

"Failed to extract required files from archive please try again. Error code: BLZPTS00008"

Posting here as opposed to tech forums cause my computer is normally fine and this only started after heart of the swarm was installed, any other aussies got this problem?

Then again my macbook seems to open them fine so perhaps it is a windows problem.
Logged onto WoW. Oddly enough is fine, lag free. very odd.

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