Terran has too much splash

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We also have the most splash attacks that hurt our own units.

You're welcome.

LOL if fungle growth is used correctly, it can destroy a Terran army easy. And you claim Ultra is too late game... you included Thor when complaining about Terran... that is late game and expensive/slow. The splash is only effective against Muta (also a unit with spash) which you forgot to mention as well. And banes are insane man, use them right and Terran will cry his way to sleep in corner. Sorry but seeker missile is useless- many better options to use, and Nuking... because that isn't late game either lmao.
THIS IS HILARIOUS. Last night the original post was a gigantic block of text with no paragraphs and was all about mass marines. Today it's a completely different title and subject and actually uses some paragraphs this time.
I know im not in a very high league but i feel like the splash terran has is justified with their slow production of units that dont have a ton of health, especially when you're trying to fight zerg who will always out mass you
"The race thats all about firepower has too much firepower!!!"
Terran have splash, other races have damaging AOE and faster reinforcement.

End story.
Terran units also do friendly fire damage... Seeker missile, widow mine, siege tank. Why not use this knowledge to your advantage instead of crying about how OP you thin Terran is. Last time I checked winfestors and collosi don't do friendly damage.
1 post and 20 ahole responders. Impressive!

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