Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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As my last piece of armor is situated properly I wrap my arms around Sam's neck and passionately kiss him for a minute. I pull back and rest my head against his chest. "I want to go talk with Zack and now is probably my best opportunity. We can meet back up in the hangar before the mission."
I almost begin to cry, but almost laughing? "You aren't taking this seriously... I pushed myself earlier today and that's how it led to it... I feel changed after it and it's affecting me in a way I don't really want but I enjoy it to much... I want to be free from it but I want to cling to it. Don't know what there is to be happy about... Plus Zaros is going to kill the two of us."
IC: Sam held Tari there and gave her a quick kiss. "Ok I'll see you in the hanger" Sam say before changing into his suit.
I leave our room and head for the hangar to find Zack's ship and hopefully him as well.
"No he won't. He can pull the 'child by Protoss standards' all he wants, you're more Terran than Protoss, so by Terran standards you're of legal age." I chuckle, looking her in the eyes. "Plus it's good for you to crave companionship."
"Thanks... But I don't feel good with your compliment and confidence." Saying in a weak tone. "I feel like I'm using Dante for my own personal enjoyment now... Loving every ounce of attention without thinking about it... It's changing me in a bad way and I don't care what you say... It's not good... Now I realize that if they don't die... I feel sick with myself."
"You think Dante isn't enjoying the attention you give him? We're creatures of love and compassion. Whether you realize this or not, you're following the path every person, in some way or another, walks for true companionship."
I arrive at the hangar and walk around looking for Zacks ship finding it after a few minutes. As I approach I begin to sense Zacks energy inside. "Zack can I speak with you?" I call out.
"I don't know if I can continue though... I'm starting to feel sick just thinking about it again. But I want more but I can't force myself to do anything to help it or to deny it. I'm hopeless and pathetic at this point and I'm sorry if I'm taking pity but that's how I feel..." I say, "Maybe I should just go ahead and leave." I say, standing up.
Facepalm. Zack's ship isn't registered.

IC: "You shouldn't leave, and you aren't pathetic. You're human. You're in need of that attention. We aren't machines for God's sake."

I hear a voice and take a minute to calm myself before opening the Intercom channel. [Who's there?]
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"It's Tari and I was wondering if you would be willing to teach me how to use some of the other void abilities I know I can access with some training." I reply.
"By leave I meant I was going to leave the room..." I say, not completely understanding if he knew or not. "I guess I'll stay... I know I'm not a machine but it's just that gut wrenching feeling of despair and sickness... A blessing and a curse, only that blessing lives shorter than than the curse. Maybe I should break it up with Dante and wait until we're older or something... Father was right about me..."
Shear finishes rearranging the circuits in his ship, and then exits his ship. The protoss looks around, remembering Aiur when it was still controlled by protoss, not covered by this unnatural goop. The zerg will pay to their last hive. Even if it takes my last breath to rip the beating minds from char, I will. These hybrids though, they don't seem to be controlled by any other beings. The dark one must have lost his potency over his tools. Shear silently remembers better times. He listens closely to the intercom, having added it to his armor during his ship's calibration.
Closing my mask, I blink down out of my ship, appearing in a puff of flames. "You'll need to be more specific."

"Your father is a bad man to ask for an opinion of yourself. He's just as likely to be wrong about it as he is to be right."

OOC: Cap, Zack and other hybrids have no relation to {REDACTED}.
errrrrr summary????
Read the f*cking RP Mecha.

"Well mainly ... I'd like to learn to 'blink' but I know there are other abilities available and I guess they would just take experimentation with the void to learn. I know that playing with void energies without proper instruction can be dangerous ... which is why I came to you."
hmmmmmmm I have enough time to read read 10 pages dumbass
I try to bring out a smile but I couldn't even force it to show. "Father was right about one thing though... I'm not emotionally stable. It's slowly falling apart now... My life feeling as if it's not the same. But in all reality, it's just falling apart..."

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