Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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hmmmmmmm I have enough time to read read 10 pages dumbass
Sorry, but I had to read three threads. Deal with it. You can't keep asking for recaps every day.
03/23/2013 09:58 PMPosted by Owlfeathers
hmmmmmmm I have enough time to read read 10 pages dumbass
Sorry, but I had to read three threads. Deal with it. You can't keep asking for recaps every day.
Exactly... I remember when I would have to read 16 pages of bull!@#$ that went on at night when I woke up in the morning.
I try to bring out a smile but I couldn't even force it to show. "Father was right about one thing though... I'm not emotionally stable. It's slowly falling apart now... My life feeling as if it's not the same. But in all reality, it's just falling apart..."

"You're as emotionally stable as I am, you just don't have self confidence. Something about this mission is supposed to help. You'll figure out what it is." I smile kindly. "Now, let's get you outfitted with the appropriate gear."


"Well mainly ... I'd like to learn to 'blink' but I know there are other abilities available and I guess they would just take experimentation with the void to learn. I know that playing with void energies without proper instruction can be dangerous ... which is why I came to you."

I chuckle, thinking back to the time I spent learning how to use my powers. "Blink is easy enough, learned it my first day as Hybrid. Of course, I was going into combat that following day too...Anyways, I think we can manage Blink for now."

hmmmmmmm I have enough time to read read 10 pages dumbass

Too damn bad. The original PKA was three threads plus when it was around.
I will be gone tomorrow
OOC: I know. Just feel like putting text blobs out there, because in some of my older forums (Not here) you literally had to. Its just an old habit. Also got the feeling my character looked to shallow. (You know, not having a rumble with everyone 2x after a mission etc.)
Well, there are a lot of clashing personalities is all. Rumbles aren't required. Some of the characters have, rather in an RP or in the back story, crossed paths with each other before.
ooc: In other news, I am sleeping. But I will awaken around six, and then continue this behavior.
I nod, still coming to terms with the words about the front line. "It still could turn bad. Cynthia seemed really irked."

"Yeah... That girl really seems to have a lot on her plate... and a less than stable family life as well. Not a good combo..."
I say with an unhappy sigh.

Heading for the ecosystem, I look for a convenient tree to meditate under;
...and now we wait...
Would this still work? I can edit the stats down in a bit.
Calek <Hydralisk, Lurker, Spectre> (75 HP, 115 energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {5 range, 18 damage}, Scythe {Melee, 18 damage}, Subterranean Spines {9 range, 12 damage (x2 vs Armored)}
Abilities- Burrow Movement(<Passive>), Psionic Lash
>>Siege Tank>>Void Ray

If I am allowed to include him, I'll write up one for Drake.
Would this still work? I can edit the stats down in a bit

Hmm, that is one dangerous tongue of Drake's.

And Nikola, I know those were the abilities you had in the original PKA... but unfortunately you have to have 2.

IC: "Pff, so everyone was right about my outfit..." I smile slightly. "Thanks I guess... and I'm sorry for behaving and believing that I was or am lost within myself."
IC: I make a bolt sprint for Cynthia dorm. there was one crucial thing i totally forgot to make sure about
I nod. "Thank you." I think for a moment. "Do you want to start now or wait until after the mission."

I walk down the ramp of my ship and start to inspect my ship. I quickly find several things out of alignment and frown as I get to work. My armor although medium in size accented my body. Everything I had in the way of clothes and armor do that. I wasn't embarrassed or ashamed about it given that was what my people had developed clothes for, well other than pockets.

OOC: darkra you were already dismissed and dm powered out so REMOVE the 'I slowly sneak out and the bolt sprint to Cynthia's room.' just walk there ...
I'm with CR, Nik, two abilities.

IC: "Less than stable is a bit of an understatement from what she told me. Her father and brother get disappointed in her for the littlest mistake."

"It can wait until after the mission. Who knows, you might even learn how when about to die." Noting her shocked expression, I laugh, resting a hand on her shoulder. "Worst case scenario. Best case is you learn how just out of instinct."

I chuckle, nodding. "It's fine. Like I said, just self confidence. And as for your armor, not what I meant. I meant your weapons. Shade asked you be armed with a few grenades just in case."
IC: Sam held up a vial of his serum before putting it in his pack. He started to head to the hanger with all of his gear.
I gave a quick glance at the ceiling before collecting my thoughts. "Well... In that case what kind of grenades?" I ask, folding my arms. "Frag... EMP... HE... Thermal... Proxy..."
i arrive at Cynthia's dorm door. "snow open the door" i say
"OK thanks. I should probably go see what that quarter master did to my ship." I smile and walk away towards ShadowWalker hoping he hadn't messed it up to bad.
"Flash, EMP, frag and HE. The frag and HE are my suggestions. Once you have the info, burn out their systems so they can't use it."

I watch her walk away and shake my head, activating the psi blade and slice through a stalactite, and watch as it falls, smiling in satisfaction. I'd chased the quarter master off easily enough. Simply explained what ran through my ship power wise and he left.
"I see... I can't promise the last part if they have a back up or something like that... But I'll think of something. Maybe take out that giant crystal on their Nexus." I say.


Snow's body appeared in front of Dante. "And why should I do that? It has to be a good reason of course. Unless you think you are entitled just because mistress Cynthia said so."
IC: "i just wanted to ask.... Did Cynthia have any medical checkups of any sort.... you know after that?"

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