Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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Nikola your back HOLY !@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*gives ultralisk hug*

can you at least tell me where everyone is?????
{Intercom: Good news every one, I have finished a new prototype Canister Rifle, The C-11, with a slight range and damage increase, first sniper here gets it.}

OOC: Range +1 Damage +1 on all Canister Rifles
Uh.... No. That's not how it works.

IC: Snow shook her head. "No, Dante. Not at all... And you are still not entering this room... I'm... moving things around."
Mecha ... just !@#$ing read

DZ ... you know your actually saying Intercom when you do {Intercom: ...} and you can't just do %^-* like that ... gotta get it cleared with Zark CR and/or SF
IC: "you sure? Cause it be good if she did....... just in case"
"Hmm... I wont tell anyone what happened between the two of you... She's become conflicted about it and now she doesn't want anyone to know about it. If she wants someone to know, she'll them herself. In fact... You wont be telling anyone either." Her voice sounded as if she was... threatening. "Not everyone needs to know."
IC: "i didn't tell anyone or mention the topic. I still think she should get a medical checkup, cause we totally understated one thing....."
it's not that hard to tell me where your people all are.I know where some of your
chars are but not all.
"I'll be able to make the necessary checkups... But to show some respect and privacy, you are not to be bothering her while it's in effect. And since you are all going on a mission, she can wait and so can you... If you don't like it then you can tell everyone and they'll tell her to stay. Question is, do you really want to do that to her?" Snow replies, eyes turning slightly... benevolent.
OOC: I am awake but Im groggy.
IC: "its none of their business. While Cynthia goes totally unstable on the matter i just feel totally stressed"
"Then do her a favor... Don't talk about it in public or near prying ears and eyes. Make sure no one else knows about it... You want to keep her safe yet I'm failing to see you try." Snow said, ever more clearly as her words entered through Dante's ears.

OOC: Mecha, this is the last time I'm doing this for you... I had to reach much more during the original because it would jump like an entire thread when I went to bed.


Wow... I just told you where everyone was... Not in the command room.
I nod. "Fair enough. If you can though," I pull out a firebomb charge and hand it to her, "set that for 5 minutes and run like hell. You won't want to be in the Nexus when it goes off."
And Nikola, I know those were the abilities you had in the original PKA... but unfortunately you have to have 2.

Oh, I forgot to get rid of those last ones. There were seven or so, I guess I left it at four instead of two :P
I gave a nod to accept his. "I can do that, just no promises with that either if I'm delayed and can't escape... But I wont die... Not yet."
IC: "how than! I don't see you coming up with any ideas!" i say losing my patience with Snow
OOC: Nikola, just be creative with one of your abilities. Working well for me so far.
"That is one answer I shall never answer to you, or anyone else. In fact... I don't have too, it's your choices that matter and I will not babysit you. I'm not your mother." Snow says coldly.
IC: i sigh. "seeking advice from a stupid AI. What have i come to" i say before walking away.

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