Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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Snow smirks in annoyance. "No... It's you that's too stupid to understand. I am helping you to allow you to choose your choices and options without the need of artificial guidance. Remember, I'm not Terran, Zerg, or Protoss. In fact... I'm Electronic. You should choose what you believe is right... And if I would have to choose for you, I would have to choose for her... Think about it... If that's the case then I'm controlling both of your lives." She says before Dante walks away form ear shot.
Did i miss something involving my dude?
IC: i open a COM to Cynthia {{hey i need to talk to you for a second}}
OOC: Beowulf, your character is in the hangar after the guard brought him in. Just do whatever your char would do. A mission will start today. Or tomorrow. What would Tychus do?
"Cayl... I'm going to go ahead and get ready then... You can give me the equipment before the mission... Dante wants to talk to me." I say as I walk out, {{What do you want?}}
"Nikola, you are accepted."

A holographic image appeared just above the communication device. The image was complete with colour and everything. "Good afternoon." Came the voice of the boy.

"Good afternoon to you as well, child." One of the officials responded.

"You call me a child, yet I am twenty-two years of age and running a government that could easily cause your world to crumble." The boy responded.

The officials scowled. "Boy, we only tolerate you because we must."

"Or you would be destroyed. You seek my help to separate and take control of surrounding worlds. In return you provide me Dominion forces in order to crush those that had tried to murder my sister and I, as well as take our property. This is the agreement, yes?" The boy confirmed.

"It is." The second official replied.

"Good. The document that is to be signed should be printing out right now." As the boy said this a piece of paper was processing out of the communication device.
IC: {{i want you to get a medical checkup after you're done with the mission}}
OOC: ooh, where are we in in the starcraft timeline?
{{Dante.....}} I pause, thinking on what I should say. "...I'm fine. If needed, Snow can do the checkup.}}

OOC: Cap, we are in an alternate timeline (Pretty much if you think about it since it wouldn't have been able to happen any other way.) that takes place I believe... 20 years after HoTS?
In the Hanger, I fiddled with the AI module while I waited for the announcement to start the mission. It pings at me, and I see a message pop up regarding the Viking needing an aiming re-calibration. I sigh and re-attach the AI to the Viking, then test the aiming.

In the cafeteria, I grabbed some apples and dug into one as I walked toward the Hanger. As I walked, I reflected back on previous battles I had against the Zerg, and against the Protoss. I take a bite of the apple, and chuckle as I remember a hand-to-hand match against a Zealot.
Jen: I decide to head into the ecosystem to clear my head and possibly try to learn how to work my powers better. I see Stefan meditating and I look at him quizzicaly before deciding to sit next to him and try to mediate with him. I assume the same position and try to meditate.
IC: {{look Cynthia..... i think we should take a break after this mission is over. This whole thing is tearing you apart and it hurts me to see that}}
OOC: Nikola, just be creative with one of your abilities. Working well for me so far.

Nik's been around awhile. He was in the original PKA.

IC: i sigh. "seeking advice from a stupid AI. What have i come to" i say before walking away.

Careful who you call stupid XD

OOC: ooh, where are we in in the starcraft timeline?

After LotV I think, definitely after HotS.

IC: I nod and head out to the hangar, Excalibur having just arrived with the 4th Gunship Flight.
OOC: ooh, where are we in in the starcraft timeline?
Indefinite time after the events of HotS. PKA was never an RP that coincided especially well with timelines.
OOC: Ninjas ><. Will have to buy LotV to figure out if Aiur has been reclaimed yet.
The hybrids were defeated, [REDACTED] was defeated and peace, for the most part, has ensued.
"We are in 2526 after all the events of Starcraft II happened and the battle with Amon was won. Only the rouge Hives and broods of the Zerg are hostile."
{{Dante, I doubt that will happen... I doubt they'll allow me to take a break... Let alone you since you are a student but I guess I can ask for the both of us...}} I say. I then open up a private channel to Cayl, since he would be the most understanding. {{Cayl... Dante says that we should take a break after this mission... Since he's saying that how everything that's happening is slowly tearing me apart and he doesn't want that to happen.}}
who ever said it wasn't still happening? just because the swarm is neigh on numberless Amon can vaporize entire planets with a thought ...
OOC: dammit, missed a lot again.

IC: I somehow manage to find the way to the hangar where i see my damaged Phoenix. I walk up to it and examine it, seeing if i can repair it.

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