Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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{The ships do would not have Poltergeist or Lorian markings. I knew what you meant when you said guns and armor. The ships are logged in the hanger system which includes their weapons systems and armor. You go to that to see what they have but those also do not belong to the Academy and therefore are not mandated to be logged.}
{Look let's all just agree, I won't touch the ships and that it is in fact my job to take care of the guns and gear as well as the stuff in the armory, frankly I am confused as to why I was picked for this job, I mean I sent off the applied to be an engineer but the letter I received said that I'm quartermaster, I believe there may have been an error in the paperwork some where as I am apparently unqualified for this position if you know the proper channels for me to go through to have this rectified then please tell me, but I need this job to pay off some student loans so I can't just quit.}
A message was sent straight to the Quarter Master.

Mostly because you were best suited for that
job. Granted you like to work on ships but you had
a better efficiency towards smaller things like weapons
and armor or even gear and equipment. Frankly, if their
weapons and armor are working... You just saved a bunch
of lives. Plus, we have enough mechanics... Jessica (Don't know
how long she's staying), Flint, and Keira... They are our best
in that field. They keep the ships running, you keep the equipment
ticking and working so no one dies on us... You apparently don't care
about your skill set that you showed us though...
It's not that I don't care, it's that everyone says 'don't touch my weapons/armor/gear'

I reply
So ya know, DZ, a quarter master works on the issued equipment, not personal gear.
Then what's the point of having a quarter master if everything is personal gear?
Just the student's gear is personal, along with the teachers. There's plenty of security guards you do work on stuff for.
"Guard equipment. Help with the Zerg's evolution as well."
So I work with the nameless red-shirts that are not only incompetent but are never even brought up? Am I the only one who thinks that's just a little bit unfair at all?
"They are used often. Not to mention that you brought it upon yourself by choosing quarter master."
You're the one who wanted to be quarter master.
Only the none registered stuff is to be left alone,
other than that... You can work on the guards
weapons and armor, gear and equipment.
And any other equipment that the Academy provides
to their students and staff. Like grenades and explosives.
Shields and ammunition... They will still need ammunition.

An operator could hear the commotion taking place, mostly about the new quartermaster that they have now. Walking over he looked at the man. "Look... These students and the staff can be picky about who touches what... After all, most of this stuff is custom made and they know it better than anyone else. So they would know the best way to clean it or even to repair it. But you can help them obtain the ammunition they need. They'll need plenty of it and trust me... Some of their things can be really delicate if you aren't careful enough... And by careful, only the people that take care of it are careful enough to take care of it."
"Dexter, ready for a field test?" the robot gives an affirmative chirp, "Then go map out the air vents and look for any way to turn down the heat in here while I take inventory." I say as the Widow Drone squeezes through the vent cover.

OOC: If anyone cares Dexter is disarmed but no one else knows that, so feel free to decide what he does in the vent as long as he doesn't get destroyed.
I recommend keeping him away from Terance's room, so then no promises about the no destroyed thing.
I mean like a grate breaks and he lands on someone's head or something, maybe not that but it's anyone's call what happens to the little guy, as long as he can still be salvaged.
IC: Sam was still standing near Tari and whispered to her so only she could hear. "I think we could have taken our time on getting ready"
A Lancer taps the pair on the shoulder. "Knight Errant Cayl has asked that I get everyone in the hangar loaded into gunships one and two. Are you Tari and Sam?"
"Huh, according to this we have four times more munitions than the standard Dominion military compound not including non-standard munitions, artillery shells, napalm, rockets, and missiles, where do we get all of this stuff and how has no one noticed such a large military buildup?" I say in awe of the huge number of crates before me. "Then again I don't get paid to care how it's here, just that it is."
I had went into the armory and I saw what appeared to be the quartermaster... He could help me find the grenades since Dante was taking his sweet time. "Hey! What's your name?" I ask the quartermaster. "I need Flash, Frag, HE, EMP grenades and Fire Bombs."
"My name is John Miles, are five of each enough?" I said as I moved to the section with the grenades.

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