Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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Characters go through me, CR and SF.

pester her

CR would be a him.
wait until Crymson can approve it. Don't pester her. She is writing lore for... her Cynthia, is it?
Actually he's asking SF... and I'm a guy with both female and male characters...
OOC: Derp de herp then. I can't see through my computer yet.
Korzis continued placing the armor upon each point. His torso piece resembled a half angelic and half devilish face, something that represented him quite well. His shoulder pieces each held the same insignia on his gauntlets and had flashed briefly, but it was extremely hard to make out after the quarter-of-a-second flash. From his shoulder pieces extent out the rest of his arm armor and they attach to the gauntlets. He then clips on the thigh pieces which extend metal out both ways to attach to the torso armor and then where the boots would be placed. The boots were pulled on and snapped into place. Now his armor was complete. The armor was black, except for the angelic/demonic face, which was painted on half red and half blue. His helmet came up from his torso and enveloped his head, leaving a dark blue visor and black metal. Then out of both sides were horns, and within them sat a bright yellow halo, being held by the tips of the fiery red horns. Now he exited his room and entered the halls, his sword was strapped to his thigh and his shield hung over his shoulder across his back.

Zaros strode along behind the officials. Soon he was in the meeting room. A large steel table sat in the middle and the walls were an odd blue color with the ceiling covered in fluorescent lights. It seemed more like an interrogation room.

Sahlk stomped through the halls to the command room, a Zergling chased its tail on his shell.

Zerak had received something, and was surprised to see it was from the academy, he did not know they had access to his armor's system. He then moved with haste to the command room.

"Beowulf, I suppose."
ok, so what happens now.
i understand there is a dropship of sorts . . .
"You land on the planet."
IC: "i'll show. Man its funny you know?"
I look up into his eyes, shorter than he was. "What's funny?" I ask. "Is it about us... about me mostly and how I'm behaving... It's probably just something that resolves me not thinking about it and it just happens without me knowing... Just you watch, I'll end up enjoying this without even realizing it."
IC: "its like sometimes we get along great and then others we start ranting about getting along and then we go back to getting along." i say sighing "what happened to regular relationships?"
I get out of the dropship, clutching my stomach. the warp drive always makes me nauseous. I look around at the barren desert planet. home sweet home.
"Because this is a normal relationship... You may not think that but it is." I say, "And since we are going to die from Zaros, you might as well move in with me... Least I can do." I then smile. "If you truly think we are ranting... I could wear this tonight for you... After all you seem to think we are fighting... Because now I just figured out that I'm damned anyway, might as well have fun with my destiny... be free with my choices."
Beowulf, you are only to land. The Guard hasn't left the hanger to speak to you yet.
"Do you know the Constellation of Castelberus?"

Name : Montu
Age : 34
Unit Mix: Ghost, Dark Templar (Invisible protoss sniper)
Abilities: PermaCloak, EMP (can be turned off in regards to the former)
Used Weapons: C-24 Canister rifle, Warp blades
Special Notes: is protoss enrolled in the ghost program
Vehicles: Hybrid siegetank/reaver, Hybrid phoenix/wraith.

OOC: That was his application.
IC: i raise an eyebrow "you don't have to do something you don't want to. No offense but that's a jumble of risks piled up into one"
Beo please remove the (yes like the Egyptian god of war) or change his name to Horus.
as was previously discovered, he is a warrior god. not the god of war, but a war god.
close enough for me
My smile faded away into a frown, my eyes looking down before coming back up. "Oh... So you aren't willing to risk your life for me or risk anything to be with me... Look. I know that you are all alone by yourself in that dorm room, I'm alone all by myself... We could keep each other occupied. Maybe put it to good use." I smirk, wanting my life to be all free now after realizing that earlier, Dante was right... and the facts showed that it got me nowhere never learning from success... Learning from failure would be more painful, more enjoyable, more... memorable.

OOC: So... Bored... Right... Now...
The Guard sees the new vehicle landing on the surface of the planet, and stands up. He twists, popping his back, then he starts moving toward the Hanger Door. As it opens slightly, he slips through, and the door closes behind him. He makes his way toward the landed vehicle, the shotgun on his back.

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