Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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IC: "yes mam. Its just....... i can't lie i'm a little bugged out about this entire thing too." i say before shaking my head "lets head to the command room"

OOC: calling it a night
"Yes you big lug..." I say, dragging Dante in with me. Seeing Cayl as we had walked in, my gear and suit already ready as a few others needed to do so soon. My hand was still on Dante's and I hadn't noticed or realized that it was still there, in plain sight.
The Guard approaches the landed drop-ship, and sighs. He waves to the person, telling him to come to him.

I pull my doll out gently, and brush its hair, losing myself in my own thoughts while I waited for the others.
"Do you know the Constellation of Castelberus?"

I think for a moment then nod. "Yeah, it's mentioned a couple times in Xel'Naga script. Why?"
Korzis entered the command room and looked upon those that were there. So few. Everyone was so slow. Korzis had to equip his armor and he still got there faster.

Zerak arrived at the command room with his cannon hanging on his arm loosely.

Sahlk was close behind the Protoss and the Zerglings had jumped off just before he had stepped within the room.
I step into the Command room and take a spot near the wall. I nod to Omicron when I notice her brushing the hair on a doll.
I hear someone walk in and I turn my head to see Korzis in armor, wondering why he had different armor than me... Then again I realized something... "Brother... This infiltration suit is way different from your combat armor... by a lot."
"Because my home world ... was there. And I might know why the Xel'naga mention it ..." I trail off and look away from them.
"My armor can still cloak... Why the hell are you wearing that? Don't you have anything else with a cloaking device?" He looked rather astonished by the fact that she was wearing a Ghost suit. He knew his father wore one, but it was massively different than his sister's. "You would think that father would have at least provided you with something a little less, what's the word, wh0reish? I mean no offense to you, just the way it makes women look."
OOC: Well zarkun gave me the go-ahead to come in so here i go....*gulp*

IC: (again, under suggestion of people in DA chat) As I'm flying my phoenix, suddenly, the engines (or whatever phoenixes use for propulsion) give out and i crash on a barren planet. Luckily, i manage to Blink out before it crashed, without sustaining much damage. "Where am i? Well, better get to work repairing my Phoenix." I go off to the damaged Phoenix to repair it. Luckily, the plasma shields absorbed most of the impact so there's only the matter of the engine to attend to.
"I won't pry. There's a lot of the old texts I'm still deciphering, so I'm sure I'll find something soon enough." Katarn was rigid, anger forefront in his mind. What's your issue? He takes a moment to respond, busy deciding if he should rip someone's mind apart. I couldn't tell who. You'll learn soon enough, young one. I shake my head. "Anyways, I'm Terance."
"Yes... I know... Already caught Dante staring off into the distance when he saw me." I saw the surprise and astonishment on his face. "Yes... Unless I grabbed it without thinking about it at first. After all I do have a few suits... Only thing I don't like about these suits is that they hug you. Mostly because I didn't have armor at all... Just these environmental suits." I gave a frown. "Dante says I shouldn't feel ashamed about it and the fact that if it meant protecting yourself he would wear it..." I say, little white lies of course... I still wasn't too sure on how to react to the suit myself. "Yeah... I'm well aware of how I look..."
"Thanks." I nearly whisper before looking back at Terance and the female. "I'm Serenity. And what is your name?" I ask the question largely aimed at the female but open to either of them to answer.
Cayl walks up behind Korzis and slaps him upside the head. "You're her sibling, not her god damned parent. No wonder she's got emotional issues." Shaking his head, he turns to Cynthia, appraising the modified armor. "It works. Ghosts are infiltration experts, able to get in and out unseen. Tight fitting suits of armor aren't $lutty, just less bulky. Learn the difference. Besides, you won't be needing the cloak, Korzis."

Alicia gives her name and I nod. "Nice to meet you too. How long have you been here?
IC: Sam held Tari at her waist while waitting for the mission breifing. He kept thinking back to the "fun" That had last night. "I wonder what the mission will be and how long it will take" He asks her
"Well, pray that father doesn't see anyone giving you any looks while you are in that. Though it would be slightly funny to see him react to it, as terrible as it would be." Korzis said, his fingers were tapping against his thigh plate. "But I wonder what he would do to the suit itself, or you, once you changed..." In response to Cayl, "I am simply surprised that my father allowed her to have such a thing. And the hugging of it does make it slightly like that for females. It is almost like the Confederacy went out of their way to make female Ghosts succubi as well." He rubbed the back of his head after he said such.
"Me too." I smile and lean against Sam. "Hopefully nothing too long."

"At the academy or in Koprulu?" I reply with a question of my own.
I felt almost scolded by Korzis but in a way he was right about Zaros... "It would be funny but too dangerous. I don't know what he would do." That's when Cayl came in and smacked Korzis, I was relieved from the pressure and stress beginning to build. "Thank you Cayl, I'm thinking about adding some more stuff to it so it looks more... unique. Even you must admit that older Ghost suits lack personality to them... I feel as if I should personalize mine."
"The Confederacy had their issues, and their Ghosts killed with more than bullets." Shaking his head, he looks at Cynthia once more and shrugs. "It's a thought. Just don't go overboard. You will, however, will need to cloak."

I think before answering. "Koprulu. I'm guessing only a few minutes in the Academy."
"Um a couple years but I was mostly in protoss space during that time. I only came to Terran space a couple weeks ago."

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