Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XIII

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"I promise I wont... I was just thinking about additions... Not like I was going to make it into a skimpy design..." I say, that's when I look curiously. "So I need the cloak but not Korzis, what am I doing exactly?" I ask.
The Guard approaches the landed drop-ship, and sighs. He waves to the person, telling him to come to him.

I pull my doll out gently, and brush its hair, losing myself in my own thoughts while I waited for the others.

I wave back, and follow him.
"Infiltrating a Tal'Darim base on Traxan II. We found a large concentration of Zerg there breeding new and lethal strains. I want you to find out why the Tal'Darim are there."
Cap, you can't hear that conversation.
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Ic: Breaking once again from his meditation, the new student picks up the P.D.A. He drew his pistol, belted on his armor, and strode powerfully down to the command room, running a mental check of all his strategies.

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I know that, but their at the front and it's somewhat hushed.
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Not yet. Soon though. Wherefore art thou, Warhawk?

Also Beowulf, i crash landed near you.

Probably gonna be the only post i can make cause I'm on my phone.
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Oy. Busy day.
School, places to go, Game night at a friends...

There anything important I need to respond to?...
Well, not explicitly. Maybe say something to Terance about the mission you're about to be briefed for.
Looking around, I grunt;
"Looks like we're all here, I wonder what sort of craziness we're going to get dropped into this time..."

"Hopefully something interesting, because sitting around all day has started to get to me."
Stef says, walking into the Command room.
I nod to Stefan and shrug. "Who knows. It looks like Cayl's in charge though."
I grunt;
"Sounds promising. Good Op room."
I say, looking around the place.
The Guard turns, and notes something shining in the distance. He walks over to what was shining, and discovers that it is a downed Phoenix. He walks closer to it, and discovers the Protoss working on it. He approaches him, and says "Need some help?"
I stand to the side of the room for a couple of reasons. One the chairs weren't exactly designed to accommodate my tail and two I still felt like I didn't belong yet.
I gave a quick glance at the screen... Noting the planet. "So I'll be going by myself? I'm not worried about going in alone, more as if I'm caught by them... After all I'm pretty sure they aren't too keen on people like us." I say, everyone in the command room could overhear us talk if they listened in closely.
I arrive at mission control, waiting for the briefing to begin.

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